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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Communication and Journalism

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Chairperson: Jeffrey Youngquist

Professor: Sharon L. Howell

Associate professors: Kathleen M. Battles, Jacob Cayanus, Rose M. Cooper, Scott Crabill, Thomas Discenna, Rebekah Farrugia, Kellie Hay, Jennifer M. Heisler, David L. Lau, Lily Mendoza, Valerie Palmer-Mehta (director, Communication Program), Adina Schneeweis, Robert Sidelinger (supervisor, Communication Internships), Jeffrey Youngquist

Assistant professors: Rebecca Mercado Thornton, Erin Meyers, Sam Srauy, Chiaoning Su

Special instructor: Elizabeth Talbert

Full-time adjunct instructors: Garry Gilbert (director, Journalism Program), Holly Shreve Gilbert, Christine Stover

Visiting instructor: Laura Fry

Lecturers in communication: Scott Burke, Lisa Campbell, Amanda Fylan, Paul Fugate, Brian Hlavaty (supervisor, Journalism internships),Timothy Johnston, Catherine Jostock, Carol Anne Ketelsen, Jason Pennington, James Perkinson, Charles Rinehart, Martin Shafer, Jon Wilkinson, Debra Youngquist, Gina Zasadny, Stefen Welch

Lecturers in journalism: Colleen Campbell, Susan Evans, Jodi Friedman, Paul Gully, Kelly Kozlowski, Kim Madeleine, Edward Nakfoor, Judith Sawyer, Ritu Sehgal, Catherine Shafran, Kaniqua Daniel

Chief advisers: Elizabeth Talbert (Communication), Holly Shreve Gilbert (Journalism)


The Department of Communication and Journalism offers programs of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication or Journalism, with the opportunity to concentrate in several areas within each major. Courses are available in communication theory, public and interpersonal communication, media, rhetoric, critical/cultural studies, print and broadcast journalism, public relations, advertising.

Departmental Honors and Scholarships

All communication and journalism majors with a university grade point average of 3.00 and a grade point average of 3.60 in the major are considered candidates for departmental honors.  Honors are awarded to those candidates with the highest averages in major courses. The exact criterion varies from year to year. The department awards the following scholarships the Donald C.Hildum Scholarship for communication students demonstrating academic promise, the Oakland Press Scholarship for excellence in journalism, the Bunting and Briggs Freedom of the Press Scholarship, the Richard D. French public relations tuition award and the Nancy A. French award.

Schedule of Classes

Specific offerings for each semester may be found in the Schedule of



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