Sep 21, 2021  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Business Administration, Finance Major, B.S.

Requirements for business administration, finance, B.S.

Major adviser: Ellen Zhu

The major in finance leads to an understanding of the theoretical foundations of finance and develops the specific skills, modes of analysis and institutional background useful to work in the finance areas of profit-making businesses or not-for- profit enterprises.

To fulfill requirements for the finance major, students must be admitted to major standing in finance, complete the core program and earn a minimum of 25 credits, as specified below, with a grade of (C) or better in each major course. A grade of (C) or better must be achieved in FIN 3220  and in each prerequisite for a finance course before a finance major, or any Oakland University student, may begin work in that finance course.

Students who have taken FIN 3680 , FIN 4250 , FIN 4360 , FIN 4300 , ACC 3200  or ACC 3500  under a previous catalog will be able to count these courses as electives.

Required in the core – 3 credits

Required major courses – 12 credits

*In lieu of ACC 3010 (3), students may substitute both ACC 3100 (3), and ACC 3110 (3)

24 total credits

Requirements for business administration, finance, B.S., specialization in wealth management


If an Actuarial Science student wants to switch to a Finance major, they can use FIN 3550  to satisfy the FIN 3220  requirement, but will still need to take FIN 3720 . If a Finance major student wants to switch to an Actuarial Science major, they will need to use both FIN 3220  and FIN 3720  to satisfy the FIN 3550  requirement.

Students who have taken FIN 3990  and are on a previous catalog, can count this as a required major course.