Oct 23, 2021  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Public Relations and Strategic Communication, B.A.

Admission to the major

Admission to the major in public relations and strategic communication is granted only by the department. Admission to the university does not constitute or guarantee admission to the major.

1.    To be considered for admission to the major all students, as pre-majors, must attain a minimum grade of a (B) in each of the following courses:

Students cannot apply for major standing until they have completed these courses. This requirement applies to incoming first-year students, transfer students, currently enrolled Oakland University students and students working on a second bachelor’s degree.

*No more than one of these admission courses may be repeated for the purpose of determining eligibility.

2.     Transfer students may complete the equivalent courses at their previous college or university, but they must attain the minimum grade of a (B) in the equivalent courses.

3.     Students who have completed the required courses with minimum grades of a (B) must complete and submit a Declaration of Eligibility Form in the department office to become part of the student major pool. Successful completion of the required admission courses does not guarantee admission to the major. Admission to the major is competitive and is determined by the satisfactory completion of the admission courses and cumulative GPA. This policy will apply to native and transfer students.

4.     Admission to the major is based on:

  • The number of majors that the department can reasonably accept without compromising the quality of its educational experience. No more than 30 students will be admitted to the major within an academic calendar year.
  • The satisfactory completion of the admission courses and the student’s cumulative GPA. The candidates with the highest-ranking GPA in the admission courses and cumulative GPA from the pool of applicants will be selected.
  • Students should request public relations and strategic communication as their major by completing the Declaration of Eligibility Form. The form should be completed during finals week before the semester deadlines. The department will wait until all grades are in before processing applications. Students will be notified by email to their Oakland University email address of their acceptance or denial.
  • Students who are denied may reapply. Address appeals to the chair. Appeals should be in the form of a letter accompanied by a transcript.

Requirements for the liberal arts major in public relations and strategic communication, B.A.

The public relations and strategic communication major requires a minimum of 44 credits distributed as follows:

One capstone course related to the major selected from (minimum grade of a (C) is required):

One additional COM, JRN, or PR elective course

  • Any COM, JRN, or PR course, including those not listed on this page, may apply.


Courses count as either a core or an elective course and may not be double counted.

Additional degree information

In addition to these major requirements, students must complete the Oakland University General Education Requirements , the College of Arts and Sciences College Exploratory Requirement , and an appropriate number of free elective classes to meet the overall credit requirement for the degree (in most cases 124; some degrees may require a greater number).

As a general rule, no more than eight credits of coursework used to satisfy one major, minor or concentration may be applied toward another, but exceptions to this rule may be allowed with the written approval of the program coordinators.