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2017-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CSI 5007 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms

(4 credits)

Computer algorithms, their design and analysis. Strategies for constructing algorithmic solutions, including divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming and greedy algorithms. Development of algorithms for parallel and distributed architectures. Computational complexity as it pertains to time and space is used to evaluate the algorithms. A general overview of complexity classes is given. Formerly CSE 0507, CSE 507. This course is cross listed with an undergraduate course. Credit cannot be received for more than one of APM 367, APM 3610, CSE 361, CSI 3610, CSE 507, CSI 5007. Course repeats are not permitted. Credit not applicable toward an M.S. degree.

Prerequisite(s): CSI 5006 or equivalent.

Course revisions made after the Graduate Catalog publication date will be posted in the Graduate Catalog Addendum.

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