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2015-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Business Administration

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238 Elliott Hall • (248) 370-3287 • Fax (248) 370-4964  (map)


Michael A. Mazzeo

Associate dean:
Nivedita Mukherji

Coordinator, graduate business programs:
Paul Trumbull

Faculty director, EMBA program:
Janell Townsend

MAcc faculty coordinator:
Donna K. Free

Department chairpersons:
Mohinder Parkash, Accounting and Finance
Vijayan Sugumaran, Decision and Information Sciences
Anandi P. Sahu, Economics 
Karen Markel, Management and Marketing

Distinguished professor emeritus:
Karl D. Gregory, Ph.D., University of Michigan

Professors emeriti:
Eleftherios N. Botsas, Ph.D., Wayne State University
Daniel N. Braunstein, Ph.D., Purdue University
Ronald M. Horwitz, Ph.D., Michigan State University, CPA
Sid Mittra, Ph.D., University of Florida
John Tower, Ph.D., University of Michigan

Lizabeth A. Barclay, Ph.D., Wayne State University, SPHR
Joseph H. Callaghan, Ph.D., University of Illinois,
Addington M. Coppin, Ph.D., University of Illinois,
Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Ph.D., University of
    Massachusetts, Amherst
Gadis J. Dillon, Ph.D., University of Michigan, CPA
Sherman T. Folland, Ph.D., University of Iowa
John W. Henke, Jr., Ph.D., Michigan State University
Oded Izraeli, Ph.D., University of Chicago
John D. Kim, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
Thomas W. Lauer, Ph.D., Indiana University
Paul S. Licker, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
J. Austin Murphy, Ph.D., University of Georgia
Kevin J. Murphy, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Ravi Parameswaran, Ph.D., Georgia State University
Mohinder Parkash, Ph.D., University of Arizona
Anandi P. Sahu, Ph.D., Washington University
Howard S. Schwartz, Ph.D., Cornell University
Jonathan Silberman, Ph.D., Florida State University
Mark Simon, Ph.D., Georgia State University
Miron Stano, Ph.D., Cornell University
Vijayan Sugumaran, Ph.D., George Mason University
Mohan Tanniru, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Kenneth M. York, Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Associate professors:
Henry Aigbedo, Ph.D., University of Tsukuba (Japan)
Seong-Yeon Cho, Ph.D., University of Buffalo
Xiaodong Deng, Ph.D., University of Toledo
Eugene B. Fliedner, D.B.A., Indiana University
Mark W. Isken, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Karl Majeske, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Karen S. Markel, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Kieran D. Mathieson, Ph.D., Indiana University
Cynthia E. Miree-Coppin, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Nivedita Mukherji, Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
    State University
Robert A. Nehmer, Ph.D., University of Illinois,
Ram Orzach, Ph.D., Tel Aviv University
Sandra H. Pelfrey, M.B.A., Wright State University, CPA
R. Mohan Pisharodi, Ph.D., University of Tennessee
Hong Qian, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Joseph Schiele, Ph.D., University of Ontario (Canada)
James S. Serocki, L.L.M., Wayne State University
Rajeev Singhal, Ph.D., University of Utah
Kasaundra M. Tomlin, Ph.D., University of Oregon
Janell Townsend, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Ronald L. Tracy, Ph.D., Michigan State University
T. J. Wharton, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Ellen Zhu, Ph.D., Michigan State University 
Xie Zhu, Ph.D., Tulane University

  Assistant professors:
Venugopal Balijepally, Ph.D., University of Texas-Arlington
Ranadeb Chaudhuri, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Tianxu Chen, Ph.D., Drexel University
Liang Fu, Ph.D., University of Florida
Joy Jiang, Ph.D., University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Jae Kang, Ph.D., George Washington University
Yazan Roumani, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Steven Stanton, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Jennifer Thor, J.D., University of Detroit-Mercy - School of Law
Yin Yu, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
Sha Zhao, Ph.D., The City University of New York

Special instructors:
Lori Dorko, CPA, MAcc, Oakland University
Donna K. Free, CPA, M.Acc., University of Missouri
Frederick G. Hoffman, J.D., Marshall Law School
Amy Rutledge, M.B.A., Oakland University 


Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors of the School of Business Administration provides a direct link between the industrial community and the school. The board is composed of outstanding corporate and professional leaders from the Detroit metropolitan area. Board members assist the faculty on several projects and provide consultation on goals and objectives, curricula designs and research programs. 


Advisory Boards

Additional advisory boards are also in place at departmental levels to complement the Board of Visitors.



  • The School of Business Administration also participates in the Master of Science in engineering management degree program offered by the School of Engineering and Computer Science, the Master of Science in Safety Management degree program offered by the School of Health Sciences, and the MBA/JD Dual Degree Program offered by Oakland University and the Thomas M. Cooley Law School.
    • The  Master of Science in engineering management  degree program is offered by the School of Engineering and Computer Science in cooperation with the School of Business Administration. Intended for students with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science, the program has as its goal the provision of the tools and skills necessary for making sound management decisions in industry and business while retaining a commitment to a specialized field of endeavor.
    • The Master of Science in Safety Management  (MSSM) degree program is offered by the School of Health Sciences and was developed through a cooperative effort between the School of Health Sciences and the School of Business Administration. This master’s degree program focuses on the business aspects of safety management in the workplace. It combines an effective balance of core MBA coursework and application of these business skills to safety-related case studies in risk assessment, loss control, risk management, and safety program planning, administration, and management. The goal of the MSSM degree program is to provide the business analytical tools and skills necessary for making sound management decisions in business and industry as they relate to occupational safety, health, and environmental issues in the workplace. 

Post-Master’s Graduate Certificates:

            For students with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, the School of Business Administration offers:

            For students with a master’s degree in a non-business field, the School of Business Administration offers:

Number of graduate certificates

A student may earn more than one post-master’s graduate certificate, but may not apply any specific course toward the requirement of more than one program. Each post-master’s graduate certificate requires a minimum of 15 credits.

General Information


Oakland University’s School of Business Administration (SBA) programs are accredited by AACSB International-the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB International is the premier accreditation organization for business schools. In addition, the accounting program, including the MAcc, has achieved separate AACSB accounting accreditation.


To assist in the continuous improvement of its programs, the SBA engages in a range of assessment efforts. Students are expected to actively participate in these assessment and improvement efforts.

Graduate assistantships

A limited number of graduate assistantships are awarded each academic semester, on a competitive basis, to full-time students in the MBA, MSITM and MAcc programs. Assistantships include a stipend and an award of 9 credits of tuition per fall and winter semesters. In return, graduate assistants work up to 20 hours per week assisting one or more faculty members in their research efforts. Additional information and applications may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Business Programs.

Transfer credit

In accordance with the regulations of the Graduate Council, up to 9 credits of relevant, equivalent graduate coursework may be transferred from an MBA, MSITM or MAcc program at a regionally accredited institution. Up to 3 credits of equivalent graduate coursework may be transferred for the post-master’s graduate certificate programs. Course equivalencies are determined by the SBA department, and accreditation of the transferring institution is considered. The business programs of the SBA are accredited by AACSB-International. For credits of equivalent courses to transfer, the student must have earned a grade of 3.0 (B) or above in the course. The transfer credit will reduce the number of credits required in the graduate business program. The acceptance of transfer credits and the related course exemptions are determined after an evaluation of a student’s transcript. The transfer credits must be approved by the SBA department, the Office of Graduate Business Programs, and Graduate Study and Lifelong Learning. The transfer credits cannot have been used to satisfy requirements for another degree and must meet all regulations set forth by Oakland University.

Student evaluation and grading

In accordance with the university requirements for graduate students, a grade-point average of 3.0 is required for graduation. Students, therefore, should maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. Students may be dismissed if they do not maintain a GPA of 3.0 or appropriate progress toward the degree as determined by the Office of Graduate Business Programs. Any course resulting in a grade below 2.0 must be repeated. Students who do not complete a graduate course for two years must formally apply for readmission to the MBA, MAcc, MSITM or post-master’s graduate certificate program.

Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) and Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)

Admission to the MBA, MSITM and MAcc programs requires submission of official scores for the GMAT or GRE. The GMAT is administered through Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), and the GRE is administered through Education Testing Service (ETS). Both tests can be taken throughout the world. For additional information about the GMAT, please visit their Web site at www.mba.com or call (800) 717-4628. For additional information about the GRE, please visit their Web site at www.ets.org/gre or call (866) 473-4373. Both of these tests are important parts of the admission process. Careful study of a review manual or the completion of a review class is strongly recommended.

Applicants applying to one of the graduate programs may request a waiver of the GMAT or GRE requirement if they meet one of the following criteria.

  • Applicant has earned a master’s degree (or higher) from a U.S. institution.
  • Applicant has earned a bachelor’s degree within the last five (5) years of the expected date of enrollment with an overall GPA of a least 3.5 from an AACSB accredited business school.
  • Applicant has earned a bachelor’s degree from the Oakland University School of Engineering and Computer Science within the last five (5) years of the expected date of enrollment with an overall GPA of at least 3.5.

To request a waiver, applicants must submit a Request to Waive GMAT form to Graduate Admissions as part of the application packet. The request for waiver is subject to the approval of the Graduate Admissions Committee.

For more information on Graduate Business Programs

To obtain further information on Oakland University’s graduate business programs, please do one of the following:

  • Write to Office of Graduate Business Programs, School of Business Administration, Oakland University,
    Rochester, MI 48309-4493

  • Fax a request to Graduate Business Programs at (248) 370-4964

  • E-mail a request to gbp@lists.oakland.edu

  • Call the staff of the Office of Graduate Business Programs at (248) 370-3287 or

  • Visit our Web site at  www.oakland.edu/business/grad.



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