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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Writing and Rhetoric

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Chairperson: Felicia Chong

Professors emeriti: Wallis May Andersen, Barbara Hamilton, Alice S. Horning, Margaret Pigott, Ronald A. Sudol

Professors: Greg Giberson, Jim Nugent, Lori Ostergaard

Associate professors: Elizabeth G. Allan, Felicia Chong, David Hammontree, Marshall W. Kitchens, Megan Schoen, Crystal VanKooten

Assistant professor: Felicita Arzu Carmichael

Special instructors: Bernadette Dickerson, Kasia G. Kietlinska

Special lecturers: Glen Armstrong, Reema Barlaskar, Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter, Allison Bohn, Marilyn Borner, Karen Brehmer, Matthew Burkett, Jennifer Coon, Jason Dodge, Colleen Doyle, Emily Freeman, John Freeman, Christina Hall, Corey Hamilton, Tara Hendin, Lisa Hine, Jenna Katz, Laura Klein, Amanda Laudig, Kathleen Lawson, Adam Malinowski, Cindy Mooty-Hoffmann, Jessica Rico, Cathy Rorai, William Rouster, Sheryl Ruszkiewicz, Craig Smith, Michaele Tomrell, Jason Torrente, Rebecca Vornberger.

Lecturers:  Lauren Rinke, Sherry Wynn Perdue

Faculty Adviser: Elizabeth G. Allan

Major and Minor Programs

The department offers a major in professional and digital writing and a minor in writing that prepare students for careers in technical writing, editing, social media, web design, and digital media production.

The professional and digital writing major also prepares students for graduate study and careers in higher education, law, and other fields.

A minor in writing provides students with course work and experiences composing for professional, digital, and academic audiences.

First-Year Writing

The department’s first-year writing program helps students to develop fundamental skills in producing and understanding written texts, to gain fluency in writing for a variety of audiences and situations, and to become critical readers and skilled writers of print, digital, and visual texts.


There are a variety of ways students might place into a course in Oakland University’s first-year writing program. The most up to date information is found at Department of Writing and Rhetoric.

Writing Foundations

Most students satisfy the university general education requirement in the writing foundations area by completing WRT 1060  with a grade of C or higher. Please consult the Writing Requirements section in the general education area of the catalog for alternate ways of fulfilling this requirement.

Departmental Honors

Professional and digital writing majors with a combined GPA of 3.6 in courses taken within the major may qualify for departmental honors.

Schedule of classes

Specific offerings for each semester may be found in the Schedule of Classes.



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