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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Honors Direct Admit Program

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Direct Admit Website

The SBA offers a Business Honors Direct Admit Program (BHP) for high-achieving high school and transfer students. Students typically begin taking honors classes their first year at Oakland University. The program is cohort-based, offering students a close-knit community inside the business school. Each cohort takes customized classes in special sections open only to them and students engage in a host of unique experiences.

Business Honors Direct Admit students:

- Are immersed in a highly interactive, stimulating program offering rigorous academics;
- Access enhanced student support services;
- Take part in international experiences;
- Build strong leadership skills through experiential learning activities;
- Form a strong network with peers and members of the professional community that will serve them well in their careers.

Criteria for Admission for Freshmen Students

To be considered, incoming freshmen must have:
• High School GPA of 3.7 or greater following junior year
• Submission of application to program
• Placement into MTH 1221  (Linear Programming) and WRT 1050  (Composition I)
• Optional submission of ACT or SAT test scores

To be considered, incoming transfer students must:
• Meet the criteria listed above for freshmen, and
• Transfer GPA of 3.7 or greater from transfer institution
• Submission of high school GPA if transferring less than 24 credits.

Requirements for Business Honors Direct Admit Program

The program includes 16 honors courses that fulfill the business pre-core and core requirements for all business majors. BHP students take the following courses which replace their pre-core and core non-honors equivalents:

Course number and title:

ACC 2000H - Financial Accounting  (4)
ACC 2100H - Managerial and Cost Accounting l  (4)
ECN 2010H - Principles of Microeconomics  (4)
ECN 2020H - Principles of Global Macroeconomics  (4)
ECN 3030H - Managerial Economics  (3)
FIN 3220H - Managerial Finance I  (3)
MGT 3500H - Legal Environment of Business  (3)
MGT 4350H - Management Strategies and Policies  (3)
MIS 1000H - Business Problem Solving with Information Technology  (3)
MIS 3000H - Management Information Systems  (3)
POM 3430H - Operations Management  (3)
MKT 3020H - Marketing  (3)
ORG 3300H - Introduction to Organizational Behavior  (3)
ORG 3310H - Introduction to the Management of Human Resources  (3)
QMM 2400H - Statistical Methods for Business I  (3)
QMM 2410H - Statistical Methods for Business II  (3)

All course descriptions are consistent with the non-honors sections of the same courses

BHP students also take:

• Freshman Seminar - (SBC 1990H) (1) replaces SBC 1990
• Senior Seminar - (SBC 3990H) (1)
SBC 3990H replaces ACC 3990 or ACS 3990 or ECN 3990 or FIN 3990 or MGT 3990 or MIS 3990 or MKT 3990 or POM 3990 as part of the major program, but does not replace ORG 3990.

Each BHP student will complete all of the 18 BHP-designated courses including SBC 1990H and SBC 3990H. If a student receives AP/IB/transfer credit upon entry to OU for a required BHP course or if a scheduling conflict with a required BHP course arises, the BHP leadership team will review said course on a case-by-case basis for approval for substitution. A student may not make a substitution of an honors course without approval of the BHP program - doing so will result in being removed from the BHP. All elements of the program must be completed to earn Business Honors certification on a graduating student’s diploma.

Students in the program are required to complete experiential and extracurricular activities associated with the program. The benefits of the BHP include: immersion in a highly interactive and stimulating program; access to enhanced student support services; international experience; opportunity to build strong leadership skills through required experiential learning activities; opportunity to represent Oakland in national and international competitions; and a chance to form a strong network with peers and members of the professional community. Admission to Oakland’s Business Honors Direct Admit Program is limited to exceptional students who are chosen on a competitive basis.


Prospective students must apply by completing a separate application. Students interested in pursuing this program should contact the Business School Undergraduate Advising office, 232 Elliott Hall, Room, (248) 370-3285 for more information.

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