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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Anthropology, B.A.

Requirements for the liberal arts major in anthropology, B.A. program

Students have a choice of three 24 credit major tracks: cultural anthropology (strongly recommended for students planning to go to graduate school in this field); archaeology (strongly recommended for students planning graduate work or employment in archaeology) and general anthropology (recommended for students whose interest in anthropology is broadly educational).

To earn a Bachelor of Arts with a major in anthropology, students must complete a minimum of 40 credits, including the following:

2. Complete one of the following 24-credit tracks

A. Cultural anthropology - 24 credits

1. One class from each of the following categories

2. 8 credits in electives from any AN courses at the 2000 level or above

B. Archaeology - 24 credits

C. General anthropology - 24 credits

  • Elective credits chosen from any anthropology courses.


LIN 2201  - Introduction to Linguistics is strongly recommended for all anthropology majors, as is the study of at least two years of a foreign language. Students planning graduate school should also consider taking SOC 2010  (Research Methods). No more than 8 credits counted toward the major may be taken in AN 2000 /, AN 3000 /, AN 3930 / or AN 4996  /SOC 4996 .

Students using this catalog to meet cultural anthropology major track requirements may also use any course subsequently approved as satisfying requirements in the bio-evolutionary anthropology, social anthropology, archaeology, and ethnology or world culture categories and published in a later catalog.

Requirements for modified majors in sociology and/or anthropology with a linguistics concentration, B.A. program

To earn a modified major in sociology with a concentration in linguistics, students must complete a minimum of 20 credits in sociology, including SOC 1000 , SOC 2010 , SOC 2020 , SOC 4000 , and a minimum of 20 credits in linguistics including LIN 2201 , LIN 4303 , LIN 4304 , and either LIN 4403  or LIN 4404 , and LIN 4312  or SOC 3830 .

To earn a modified major in anthropology with a concentration in linguistics, students must complete AN 1511  and AN 1111 , plus a minimum of 12 additional credits in anthropology and 20 credits in linguistics, including: LIN 2201 , LIN 4303 , LIN 4304 , and either LIN 4403  or LIN 4404 , and either  AN 4830  or AN 4810 .

Additional Information

In addition to these major requirements, students must complete the Oakland University General Education Requirement , the College of Arts and Sciences College Exploratory Requirement , and an appropriate number of free elective classes to meet the overall credit requirement for the degree (in most cases 124; some degrees may require a greater number).

As a general rule, no more than eight credits of course work used to satisfy one major, minor or concentration may be applied toward another, but exceptions to this rule may be allowed with the written approval of the program coordinators.