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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, Human Resources Management Major, B.S.

Requirements for the major in human resources management, B.S.

Major adviser: Lizabeth Barclay

The major in human resources management develops the skills needed to administer the personnel functions of organizations. It is designed primarily for students who intend to pursue careers in administration, human resources management, labor relations, or wherever the management of people at work is a central concern.

Emphasis is placed on developing an intensive understanding of the concepts and techniques needed to acquire, develop and utilize an organization’s human resources. The program includes broad coverage of such topics as personnel psychology, human resources administration and labor/management relations, in addition to providing basic knowledge of organizational behavior.

To fulfill requirements for the human resources management major, students must be admitted to major standing in human resources management, complete the core program and earn at least 25 credits as specified below, with a grade of C or better in each major course.  A grade of C or better must be achieved in each prerequisite for a human resources management course before a HRM major, or any Oakland University student, may begin work in that human resources management course.

Students who have taken ORG 4600   under a previous catalog will be able to count this course as an elective.

25-26 total credits

Additional Information:

In addition to the course requirements listed above, students interested in pursuing human resources management (HRM) major must also complete the Human Resources Management Experience (HRME) requirement which will satisfy ORG 3990 . The options for this requirement are described below:

  1. Internship
    1. HRME contract -
      • Student must receive HRM faculty adviser approval prior to beginning the work experience.
      • For students who would like to substitute their current or recent work experience, the student must complete the contract for the appropriate job and schedule a meeting with the HRM major adviser for approval. Additional support may be required when using previous experience to fulfill this requirement.
      • The student’s work experience must meet the minimum contact hours requirement (280 hours).
    2. Exit interview -
      • Upon completion of the internship or equivalent experience, the student must submit written answers to the specified exit interview questions to the major adviser.  
      • Students must also have their internship supervisor submit a letter on company letterhead to the HRM major adviser stating the following:  hours worked, time period (e.g. months/year), and basic job duties.
      • Upon documentation of the exit interview, written documentation of the completion of the requirement will be provided to the student and the Undergraduate Advising Office within two weeks.
  2. Portfolio Project

Information concerning this option is available from the HRM Major Adviser. These items represent new work that represents an HRM skill set.  Once the student submits all required aspects of the project to the HRM Major Adviser, written documentation of the completion of the requirement will be provided to the student and the Undergraduate Advising Office within two weeks.

The above options also satisfy the requirement for ORG 3990 . This includes all students who have taken ORG 3990  since fall 2010.

A grade of S must be obtained for ORG 3990 .