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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Sciences, B.S., Concentration in Pre-Pharmacy

Students must achieve a minimum of 120 total course credits with a minimum of 32 upper level (3000-4000) course credits and satisfy all University degree requirements to graduate. Completion of this concentration requires at least one year of a professional accredited pharmacy school with no fewer than 20 credits of professional PharmD coursework. Students are required to meet with their assigned academic adviser to discuss the details of the degree requirements.  

Concentration courses

CDS 2100 - Medical Terminology (1)

CDS 4000 - Medical Genetics (4)

CDS 4250 - Medical Biochemistry (4) or CDS 4000 - Medical Genetics (4) or BIO 3400 - Genetics (4)

CDS 4300 - Clinical Microbiology (4) or BIO 3500 - General Microbiology (4)

CDS 4320 - Medical Microbiology Laboratory (1) OR BIO 3501 - General Microbiology Laboratory (1)

CHM 1440 - General Chemistry I (4) * and CHM 1470 - General Chemistry Laboratory I (1)

CHM 1450 - General Chemistry II (4)  and CHM 1480 - General Chemistry Laboratory II (1)

CHM 2340 - Organic Chemistry I (4)

CHM 2350 - Organic Chemistry II (4)

CHM 2370 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory (2)

COM 2000 - Public Speaking (4)

HS 3500 - Health Behavior Theories (3)

MTH 1554 - Calculus I (4)

PHY 1010 - General Physics I (4) * or PHY 1510 Introductory Physics I (4) 

PHY 1100 - General Physics Lab I (1)

STA 2220 - Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Reasoning (4) or EHS 2550 Basic Statistics for Health Sciences (3) 

Pre-Pharmacy Tracks

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a major in health sciences at Oakland University with a pre-pharmacy concentration may pursue admission to any accredited Doctor of Pharmacy program. Students may complete their senior year of coursework at any PharmD program and credits earned from courses at this program will be transferred back to OU to complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science with a major in health sciences program. It is highly recommended that students consult with the academic adviser prior to enrolling in any of these classes, as completion of coursework does not guarantee admission or completion of the program. Admission into an accredited PharmD program is required to complete this maturation. Admission to a PharmD program is through a competitive admissions process. Once accepted, Oakland students will need to 1), send a letter of acceptance to their academic adviser; and 2) register for classes and pay tuition through the PharmD school; 3) send official transcripts after the first year (fall/winter semesters) of the PharmD program to Oakland University.

Students not entering a PharmD program may substitute an equivalent number of elective credits. Number of required elective credits required varies based on core courses completed and are selected with assistance from your academic adviser, based on your career goals, from an approved list of courses.

Note: Pre-Pharmacy electives are the same as the Pre-Professional concentrations listed above