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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Theatre Design and Technology, B.F.A.

Requirements for the major in theatre design and technology, B.F.A.

Admission to the Theatre Degree Programs

Admission to the theatre department at Oakland University (OU) is a two-tiered process. The first step in the process for all students is the entrance audition. These auditions are held several times a year and determine whether or not a student will be admitted to OU in any theatre degree programs. The second step is the major standing audition/portfolio review, which determines whether students may continue in the program, and which degree program they will pursue. More information on the major standing audition/portfolio review can be found below under “Non-credit requirements.”

Entrance portfolio review

Entrance portfolio review days are held several times each year. Students should be prepared to demonstrate proficiency in their proposed area of specialization. The portfolio requirements and application are available on the School of Music, Theatre and Dance website.

  • Students seeking admission to Oakland University as theatre design and technology majors must participate in a portfolio review with the theatre faculty.
  • Students who are admitted and do not enroll within two semesters must re-apply.
  • Students who are admitted and leave school for at least two semesters must re-apply.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is intended for students who wish pre-professional and professional preparation in dance, musical theatre, acting, and theatre design and technology. Students must successfully complete the events attendance requirement and the senior interview (for more information, see below under “Non-credit requirements”). Students should consult with their theatre faculty advisor and departmental advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office to plan their degree program. Only major courses in which a grade of at least a C has been earned will count toward the major.

Requirements - minimum of 79 credits

Foundation course

Design and Art courses

History courses

Theatre Design/Production Practica courses - 8 credits

Students will be assigned one of the follow courses each semester during their course of study based on their class standing. One of the courses must be a stage management assignment.

Theatre electives - 12 credits

Theatre electives, chosen in consultation with theatre adviser (may include ART (or SA) or AH classes; excludes THA 1000 )

Non-credit requirements

  • Major standing - Students at the end of their second semester of study audition or present their portfolios to faculty to gain official entrance into the department. Students can pass and be placed into a major, be deferred and given another semester to attempt major standing, or be denied entrance into the department. 
  • Senior interview - Students in their last semester are required to write about their experiences in the department over the course of their study-both as a student and a theatre artist. They meet with faculty to assess their growth as a scholar and artist during their time at Oakland University.
  • Events attendance requirement - Students must see at least 10 academic or professional performing arts events each year (40 performances over 4 years of study). Each year, 4 of these performances may be substituted with servicelearning projects in underserved communities (up to 16 projects over 4 years of study). These performances and projects must be approved in consultation with the student’s theatre advisor.  

Additional Information

In addition to these major requirements, students must complete the Oakland University General Education Requirements  and an appropriate number of free elective classes to meet the overall credit requirement for the degree (in most cases 124; some degrees may require a greater number). BFA majors are exempt from the College of Arts and Sciences College Exploratory Requirement.