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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Statistics, B.S.

Requirements for the major in applied statistics, B.S. program

To earn the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in applied statistics, students must:

1. Complete 28 credits in statistics

5. Complete a course in ethics given by the Department of Philosophy.

6. Complete 16 credits in a single area outside the Department of Mathematics and Statistics to which statistics could be applied.

The 16 credits must include at least one course that is quantitatively oriented. The rest of the 16 credits could come from prerequisite courses or any related courses. These 16 credits must be approved in advance by an adviser in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The courses need not be in a single department, but the total package should constitute a substantive examination of a single area.  Courses used to satisfy this requirement may also be used to satisfy university general education or college exploratory requirements.

7. Earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in each mathematical sciences and computer science course used to satisfy the major requirements.