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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Engineering Biology, B.S.

Requirements for the major in engineering biology, B.S. program

Coordinator: Fatma Mili (Engineering)

Advisers: Shailesh K. Lal (Biology), Mohammad Siadat (Engineering)

The engineering biology major degree program is offered jointly by the Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, and by the School of Engineering and Computer Sciences. To earn the degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in engineering biology, students must complete a minimum of 130 credits, satisfy writing requirement (also see Undergraduate degree requirements) and meet the following requirements:

General education – 24 credits


*These course sequences satisfy the general education requirements for the formal reasoning, natural science/technology and knowledge applications categories.

Professional Subjects – 15-16 credits

Professional Track 3: Computational Biology

Professional Track 4: Electronic Devices/Signal Analysis/Bio-sensors**

Highly Recommended

In addition to the required courses, students are strongly encouraged to consult their faculty adviser for advice on taking more advanced courses related to this emerging track.

Free Electives – 4-5 credits

Students can use the free electives credit to satisfy the writing requirements.

130 credits total

Students in this program are not required to complete the College of Arts and Sciences exploratory requirements, but must complete the general education requirements including capstone and writing intensive courses. In addition, this program requires an average grade of 2.00 in courses taken to satisfy the biology, chemistry, mathematical sciences and engineering requirements.

Performance requirements

In addition to the previously stated requirements, satisfactory completion of the program requires an average grade of at least 2.00 in the courses taken to satisfy the engineering, chemistry, and mathematics and physics requirements.