Sep 18, 2019  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

 The department offers selected courses from this catalog as warranted by student needs and availability of faculty. Specific offerings for each term may be found in the Schedule of Classes.

Course Renumbering Project

Effective the Fall 2017 semester, all undergraduate and graduate courses at Oakland University were renumbered from 3 digits to 4 digits.

Most subject codes will remain the same, but the new four-digit course numbers may in some cases be similar to the previous three-digit course numbers and in other cases be different because academic departments have resequenced their course numbers.

Follow this link to the conversion list.

This searchable PDF is a guide to see how the course numbers have changed. Each row represents a course, and the columns represent: the subject code, the previous three-digit course number,and the new four-digit course number for that course, beginning in Fall 2017.

To search this PDF for a specific course using the old number, you can just hit “Control” (or “Command” if on Mac) and “F,” then type in a specific course (e.g. “WRT 160”) to find the new course number .

The following subject codes have changed:

  • Studio Art (SA) changed to (ART)
  • Some English (ENG) courses changed to Creative Writing (CW)
  • Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Computer and Information Technology (CIT) changed to Computer Science and Informatics (CSI)
  • Music Theory and Composition (MUT) changed to either Applied Music (MUA) or Musicology and Music Education (MUS)
  • (MLS) changed to (CDS)
  • Some (JRN) courses changed to (PR)

For more information, please contact your academic adviser. Graduate students, please contact your academic department for advising.

NOTE: If you enrolled or transferred after fall 2014 please be sure to search the 2017-18 catalog courses and review the 3 to 4 digit conversions list.



   •  JRN 2000 - Introduction to Journalism and News Writing
   •  JRN 2400 - Introduction to Advertising
   •  JRN 2650 - Intro to Media Communication
   •  JRN 2654 - Audio Production
   •  JRN 3000 - Advanced News Writing and Editing
   •  JRN 3110 - Public Affairs Reporting
   •  JRN 3120 - Feature Writing
   •  JRN 3130 - Magazine Writing and Freelancing
   •  JRN 3140 - Sports Reporting
   •  JRN 3290 - Digital Storytelling for the Media: Diversity, Identity, and Community
   •  JRN 3310 - Digital Photojournalism
   •  JRN 3330 - Digital TV News
   •  JRN 3410 - Advertising Account Planning and Research
   •  JRN 3420 - Advertising Creative Strategy
   •  JRN 3440 - Advertising Copywriting
   •  JRN 3840 - Advanced Audio Production
   •  JRN 4020 - Ethical Issues in the Media
   •  JRN 4030 - Media Law
   •  JRN 4100 - Multimedia Journalism
   •  JRN 4120 - OU Student News Bureau
   •  JRN 4200 - Media Design
   •  JRN 4210 - Advanced Media Design
   •  JRN 4350 - Video Documentary Journalism
   •  JRN 4900 - Special Topics in Journalism
   •  JRN 4950 - Journalism Internship
   •  JRN 4996 - Independent Study