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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Art and Art History

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Department Website: oakland.edu/art-history/


Chairperson: Andrea Eis

Professors emeriti: Bonnie F. Abiko (Art History), Carl F. Barnes, Jr. (Art History and Archaeology), John Cameron (Art History)

Professors: Janice G. Schimmelman (Art History), Susan E. Wood (Art History)

Associate professors: Claude Baillargeon (Art History), Andrea Eis (Studio Art), Stephen Goody (Studio Art; Director, Oakland University Art Gallery), Tamara Jhashi (Art History), Vagner M. Whitehead (Studio Art)

Assistant professors: John J. Corso, Jr. (Art History), Susan E. Evans (Studio Art), Lynn M. Galbreath Fausone (Studio Art), Taylor Hokanson (Studio Art), Cody VanderKaay (Studio Art), Shuishan Yu (Art History)

Special instructor: Sally S. Tardella (Studio Art)

Special lecturers: Meredith Adamisin (Studio Art), Corrie Baldauf (Studio Art), John Corbin (Studio Art), Amy E. Feigley-Lee (Studio Art), Richard Haley (Studio Art), Gary Hesse (Studio Art), David Lambert (Studio Art), Christopher Lee (Studio Art), Christine McCauley (Studio Art), Louisa Ngote (Art History), Rachel Reynolds (Studio Art), Donna Voronovich (Art History)

Lecturers: Leslie Cavell (Art History), Catheryn L. Cheal (Art History), Grace Frost (Studio Art), Andrew W. Thompson (Studio Art), Hui Yang (Studio Art), Bonnie Zielinski (Studio Art)

Chief adviser: Claude Baillargeon

Studio art K-12 art education adviser: Lynn Galbreath Fausone

Director of Studio Art: Sally S. Tardella


The department offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Art History, in Studio Art or in Studio Art with K-12 Art Education Certification. The department’s curriculum encompasses art-making as an aesthetic expression of intellectual vision, and contextual study and research into the exceptional range of aesthetic expression throughout history. Majors and non-majors can develop their knowledge and understanding of the history and practice of the visual arts. Minors in art history, studio art and graphic design are also available.

The study of art history, by its nature, is an interdisciplinary endeavor, encompassing diverse areas of the humanities. It draws upon political, economic, social, religious and intellectual history as well as aspects of the natural sciences. Through emphasis on analysis and scholarly criticism, the art history curriculum provides an excellent foundation in the visual arts of both western and non-western cultures. Critical thinking and writing are cornerstones of the art history program, with the aim that students acquire a sense of the various methodologies and theoretical issues that characterize the discipline itself.

Studio art is an academic discipline that embraces both visual communication and expression of an intellectual vision. Students gain a solid grounding in aesthetic and critical theory, develop technical skills in a variety of artistic media, and expand their abilities to conceptualize and communicate their own vision through aesthetic means. Majors in studio art may specialize in drawing, new media, painting or photography.

Studies in art and art history require a high level of critical thinking and intellectual inquiry, as well as social, cultural, aesthetic and ideological exploration. Our goal as a department is to produce articulate, knowledgeable graduates in studio art and art history, graduates whose highly developed communication skills and creative problem solving abilities give them confidence, insight and skills to further their careers. Our majors go on in the field both through further study in graduate school, and in careers as artists, arts administrators in museums and the public sector, art conservationists, teachers, and in the wide range of careers which value the creative problem solving abilities gained in the study and practice of art.

Departmental Honors in Art History

Graduating seniors who have completed 20 credits of art history at Oakland University with a GPA of 3.65 or higher in art history courses will be considered for departmental honors. Art history faculty will review the student’s AH 495  -AH 496  capstone work and vote on whether to award honors.

Departmental Honors in Studio Art

Graduating seniors who have completed 20 credits of studio art at Oakland University with a GPA of 3.65 or higher in studio art courses will be considered for departmental honors. Studio art faculty will review the student’s SA 491  work and vote on whether to award honors.

Programs & Cores

Art History, B.A. 

Studio Art, B.A. 

Art History Minor 

Graphic Design Minor 

Studio Art Minor 

Studio Art with K-12 Art Education Certification 

Course Descriptions

The department offers selected courses from this catalog as warranted by student needs and availability of faculty: Department of Art and Art History .

Schedule of Classes

Specific offerings for each semester may be found in the Schedule of Classes: sail.oakland.edu.

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