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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Fax: (248) 370-4184

Department Website: oakland.edu/math


Chairperson: Eddie Cheng

Professors emeriti: Harvey J. Arnold, Louis R. Bragg, J. Curtis Chipman, George F. Feeman, William C. Hoffman, G. Phillip Johnson, Donald G. Malm, James H. McKay, Sze Kai Tsui

Professors: Kevin T. Andrews, Baruch Cahlon, Charles C. Cheng, Eddie Cheng, Jerrold W. Grossman, Ravindra Khattree, Gary C. McDonald, Louis J. Nachman, Subbaiah Perla, Darrell Schmidt, Irwin E. Schochetman, Meir Shillor, J. Barry Turett, Stuart S. Wang, Stephen J. Wright, Wen Zhang

Associate professors: David J. Downing, Serge Kruk, Robert H. Kushler, László Lipták, Theophilus Ogunyemi, Xianggui Qu, Tanush Shaska, Peter Shi, Anna Spagnuolo

Assistant professors: Dorin Drignei, Xiaoli Gao, Li Li, Libin Rong

Adjunct professors: Seth Bonder, Edward F. Moylan, Robert Smith

Chief adviser: Jerrold W. Grossman


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in mathematics, Bachelor of Science degree with a major in mathematics or applied statistics, Bachelor of Science degree in actuarial science that is jointly offered with the Department of Economics, Master of Science degree in industrial applied mathematics, Master of Science degree in applied statistics, Master of Arts degree in mathematics and Doctor of Philosophy degree in applied mathematical sciences. In addition, the department offers courses that are required or recommended as electives in other academic programs. For further information on the graduate programs offered by the department, see the Oakland University Graduate Catalog.

Students are encouraged to elect a variety of applied courses, both inside and outside of the department. The greater the familiarity with applications of mathematics, the greater the possibilities of employment in a world that is becoming more mathematics-oriented each year. Concentrations or minors, or even second majors, are available in computer science, the life sciences, the physical sciences, engineering, business administration, the social sciences and linguistics. Mathematics majors are advised to consult department faculty when planning their programs.

Prerequisites and Placement

Each student enrolling in a course offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics must meet the prerequisites for that course. Students who do not meet the prerequisites will not be permitted to enroll or remain enrolled in the course.

The prerequisites may be met in a number of ways: by completing the stated prerequisite course(s) with a grade of 2.0 or better; by completing an equivalent course at another university, college or community college with a grade of 2.0 or better; or through placement.

Grades below 2.0 in prerequisite courses are not acceptable, nor are high school courses. In rare cases, the department may grant permission to enroll in a course without the formal prerequisites. Students with unusual circumstances should consult the instructor of the course or a department adviser.

Placement into levels E, I, R, or C, described below, is determined by the mathematics ACT Score or by a placement test. For details on this placement, consult an adviser or the department’s web page. The levels of placement are as follows:

E: The student is ready for MTH 061  * or MTH 118 .

I: The student has demonstrated competence through MTH 061 * and is ready for MTH 062 * or MTH 118 .

R: The student has demonstrated competence through MTH 062 * and is ready for MTH 118 , MTH 121 , MTH 141 ; MTE 210  or STA 225 .

C: The student has demonstrated competence through MTH 141  and is ready for MTH 118 , MTH 121 , MTH 122 , MTH 154 ; MTE 210 , STA 225 , STA 227  or STA 228 .

Formal course competency credit is not available in MTH 061 *, MTH 062 * or MTH 141 .

*See information concerning these courses listed within Course Descriptions .

Departmental Honors

Departmental honors may be awarded to graduating seniors in either the B.A. or the B.S. degree program who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their mathematical science course work, as evidenced by high grades, high level courses and/or more than a minimum number of courses. Further information is available from the department chairperson. In addition, the department will normally present the Louis R. Bragg Graduating Senior Award each year to the most outstanding graduate in any of the departmental majors.

Skill Enrichment Courses: MTH 061 and MTH 062

  and   are academic skill enrichment courses specially designed to aid incoming students who need additional preparation prior to entering one of the university’s standard mathematical sciences sequences. Note that when a student exercises the repeat option and takes   or   to replace a grade previously earned in MTH 011, MTH 012, MTH 102, MTH 103, MTH 111 or MTH 112, the grade earned in   or   will replace the former grade.

Programs & Cores

Applied Statistics, B.S. 

Mathematics, B.A. 

Mathematics, B.S. 

Mathematics, Actuarial Science, B.S. 

Mathematics, STEP 

Mathematics Minor 

Applied Mathematics Minor 

Applied Statistics Minor 

Mathematics Secondary Teaching Minor 

Course Descriptions

The department offers selected courses from this catalog as warranted by student needs and availability of faculty: Department of Mathematics and Statistics .

Schedule of Classes

Specific offerings for each semester may be found in the Schedule of Classes: sail.oakland.edu.

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