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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Wellness and Health Promotion, B.S. to Master of Public Health (MPH) 4+1 Dual Degree


Dr. Florence J. Dallo 
Professor and Director 

Lisa Staudt 
Office Assistant 

The Wellness and Health Promotion B.S. to MPH 4+1 Plan is a combined bachelor/master degree program that provides high-achieving students an opportunity to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in less time than would be required if the two degrees were done independently. Participants can graduate with a Master of Public Health degree in approximately one calendar year after completing a B.S. in Wellness and Health Promotion. Students in this program complete 12 graduate level credits at undergraduate tuition rates. Students who have a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.2 and have earned a 3.0 or above GPA in each of the 12-credits of graduate courses will be reclassified as a graduate student through Graduate Study.

Requirements for the B.S. to Master of Public Health (MPH) 4+1 Dual Degree Plan

Students seeking the B.S. to Master of Public Health (MPH) 4+1 dual degree plan must complete a minimum 120 credits, including the following requirements:

1. Meet the university general education requirements

(See Undergraduate degree requirements). Note that several courses under requirement number three below satisfy general education requirements and Wellness and Health Promotion requirements. See courses marked with “*”.

2. Complete the university U.S. diversity requirement.

For majors in Wellness and Health Promotion, this requirement is satisfied by completing WHP 3700 - Culture, Ethnicity and Well-being  (3) or PH 3000 - Introduction to Public Health  (3) 


Courses above with * after them also satisfy university general education requirements.

HS 2000  is a prerequisite for HS 3250 , HS 3400 ,  WHP 3500 WHP 3600 ,  WHP 4000 ,  WHP 4030 ,  WHP 4950  

Complete a minimum of 8 credits of electives

Students are required to take a minimum of 8 credit hours of electives from the following recommended course list or students can apply courses taken as part of a minor toward the elective requirements. Recommended courses:

Graduate Courses:

  • PH 5000 Foundations of Health Behavior and Health Education (4)
  • PH 5100 Principles of Community-Based Participatory Research (4)
  • PH 5200 Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation of Public Health Interventions (4) 

If a student has a minimum overall GPA of 3.2, has at least sophomore standing, and has completed: EHS 2550  (or STA 2220 ); HS 3250  (or PSY 2500 ); WHP 2800 ; and WHP 3500 , the student may apply to the BS to MPH (4+1) program through the graduate office. Qualified applicants will be given a delayed admission to the MPH program. (Full, formal admission will not take place until the student successfully completes his or her undergraduate degree with an overall GPA of 3.0). Applications are due February 1.

A student accepted into the 4+1 program continues his or her undergraduate degree with the substitution of three graduate courses as shown above.

Please note that students must be accepted into the 4+1 program before taking any graduate level courses.

If a 4+1 program student has successfully graduated with a BS degree and an overall GPA of 3.0, he or she and is fully admitted to graduate MPH program.

See graduate catalog for additional requirements for the 4+1 program. 

All university and departmental requirement for each the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree must be satisfied to receive both degrees.  The full number of credit hours required for the bachelor’s and master’s degree must be completed; this includes the 12-credit of graduate courses completed as an undergraduate and approved to count towards the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.