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2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Offices of the University

Board of Trustees

Henry Baskin, Chair
Michael R. Kramer, Vice Chair
Jacqueline S. Long
Monica E. Emerson
Richard A. Flynn
Ronald E. Robinson
Mark E. Schlussel
Jay B. Shah


Office of the President

Gary D. Russi, Ph.D., President
Karen S. Kukuk, Executive Assistant to the President
Josephine Hairston, M.B.A., Administrative Assistant
Sue MacDonell, Director, Executive Events


Tracy Huth, M.A., Director of Athletics
Larry Albright, Men’s & Women’s Diving Coach
Rob Beam, B.A., Volleyball Coach
Lainie Bisbee, B.S., ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer
Mike Bond, B.S., Athletic Communications Assistant
Kate Boylan, M.A., Coordinator of Athletic Marketing and Promotions
Jana Carney, B.S., Coordinator of Business Operations
Matt Herrema, M.S., ATC, M.S., Assistant Athletic Trainer
Katy Corsetti, B.S., Development Staff
Brian Costello, B.A., Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach
Gina DeMartis, M.S., Athletics Administrative Assistant
Simon Dover, M.S., Associate Athletic Director for Business Operations
Tom Ford, M.S., A.T.C., Director of Sports Medicine
Schenette Fowler, B.S., Accounting Clerk
Beckie Francis, M.A., Women’s Basketball Coach
Pete Hovland, M.A., Men’s &Women’s Swimming Coach
Joe Impellizzeri, M.A., Assistant Athletic Director for Development
James Hellekjaer, B.S., Video Coordinator, Men’s Basketball
Sarah Judd, B.A., Director of Men’s Basketball Operations
Greg Kampe, M.A., Men’s Basketball Coach
Holly Kerstner, M.S., Assistant Athletic Director for Student Services
Shawn Kornoelje, M.A., Associate Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach
Eric Lindstorm, Assistant Volleyball Coach
LaDonia Hughes, B.S., Head Softball Coach
Scott MacDonald, M.P.A., Director of Athletic Communications
Dave Morgan, B.A., Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer
Stacy Mosely, M.S., Associate Athletic Director, Internal Operations/SWA
John Musachio, B.S., Head Baseball Coach
Anne Noja, B.S., Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Nick O’Shea, B.A., Women’s Soccer Coach
Tara Palmer, B.S., Cheer Team Coach
Jennifer Perkins, M.S., Administrative Assistant, Women’s Soccer
Jason Perry, B.A., Assistant Coach, Men’s Soccer
Eric Pogue, M.B.A., Head Men’s Soccer Coach
Sarah Porzondek, B.A., Dance Team Coach
Sarah Preisinger, Director of Women’s Basketball Operations
Kelly Price, B.S., Assistant Volleyball Coach
Elisabeth Putnam, M.S., Facility Coordinator
Samantha Radel, M.S., ATC, Associate Athletic Trainer
Heather Redshaw, B.S., Women’s Tennis Coach
Paul Rice, B.A., Men’s & Women’s Cross Country/Track Coach
Evan Dermidoff, B.A., M.ED, Athletic Academic Adviser
William Scott Dunford, B.A., Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Darren Sorenson, B.A., Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Eric Stephan, B.S., Associate Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Brent Stout, M.S., Facilities Assistant
Chad Thompson, M.S., Coordinator of Athletic Annual Giving
Jeff Tungate, M.A., Associate Men’s Basketball Coach
Eddie Turner, B.A., Equipment Manager
Saddi Washington, B.B.A., Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Adrian Kowal, B.A., J.D., LL.M. M.A., Compliance Coordinator
Todd Wohlfeil, DPT, NASM-PES, Director of Strength & Conditioning
Katie Trolla, B.A., Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Del Young, M.S., Assistant Baseball Coach
Jane Zimmerman, Assistant Softball Coach
Jennifer Doba, B.S., Assistant Track & Field/Cross Country
Christopher King, B.S., Assistant Coach, Men’s and Women’s Golf
Gordon Lindsay, B.A., B.S., M.A., Assistant to the Athletic Director, Community Relations and Development
Peter Gegotek, B.A., M.B.A., Assistant Swim Coach
Joya Puryear, B.S., Video Coordinator, Women’s Basketball

Internal Audit

David P. Vartanian, M.B.A., C.P.A., C.F.E., Director
Kathleen A. Belke, B.B.A., Manager
Lisa M. Hutchins, MSE, CIA, Internal Auditor

Meadow Brook Hall

Robin Gardner, B.S.B.A., Business Manager
Kelly Lenda, B.A., Merchandising and Database Manager
Nicole Thomas, B.A.A., Facility Operations Manager
Shannon O’Berski, B.A., Marketing and Communications Manager
Grace Campbell, B.B.A., M.S.A., Accounting Assistant
Kimberly L. Zelinski, A.S., Associate Director
Meredith Long, B.F.A., M.S., Museum Services Coordinator
Geoffrey Upward, M.A., Executive Director

Office of Government Relations

Rochelle A. Black, B.A., Vice President
Michelle Lange, State Relations Director

University Communications and

M. Kathy Angel, B.S., Graphic Designer
Melinda Booth, M.A., Admissions Marketing Manager
Sheila Carpenter, B.B.L., Office Assistant III
Bonnie Dragan, Production Coordinator
Frank Fisher, B.F.A., Senior Designer
Vadim Garber, B.S., Interactive Designer
/Web Developer
Kelly Garnett, M.A., Unit Marketing Coordinator
Dave Groves, B.A., Assistant Director, Media Relations
Kathleen Kramer Wiles, B.B.A., Business Manager
Katherine Land, B.S., News Editor
Debra Lashbrook, B.F.A., Art Director
Lillian Lorenzi, B.A., Director,
Constituent Communications
Ted Montgomery, B.A., Director, Media Relations
Michelle Strunge Moser, M.A., Director,
Integrated Marketing
Kimberly Popiolek, B.A., Web Editor
Kelly Smith, B.A., Marketing Writer
Susan Thwing McHale, B.A., Marketing Writer


Academic Affairs

Office of the Senior Vice President

Virinder K. Moudgil, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost and Professor of Biological Sciences
Peggy S. Cooke, M.B.A., C.P.A., Assistant Vice President
Leigh S. Dzwik, PHR, M.B.A., Assistant Vice President for Academic Human Resources
Stephanie J. Lee, M.A., Administrative Associate to the Provost
Steven P. Szalay, B.A., Electronic Resources
C. Michelle Piskulich, Ph.D., Associate Provost and Associate Professor of Political Science
Adrienne I. Bass, B.A., Director of Strategic Programs
Francis Ciavarro, B.A., Electronic Resources Program Assistant
Crystal English, A.S., Academic Affairs Special Events Coordinator
Janine M. DeWitte, B.S., Academic Human Resource Administrator

University Technology Services

Theresa M. Rowe, M.P.A., Chief Information Officer
Teri Abbo, B.S., Budget and Software Manager
Cheryl Allmen, B.A., Senior Developer Analyst
Anthony M. Becker, B.Mus., Database
Michael Blackwell, B.B.A., Network Engineer II
Dennis Bolton, B.G.S., Windows Systems Engineer
Christopher M. Chamberlain, B.S., Network
Development Engineer
Michael A. Cox, B.S., Senior Database Analyst
Hernando Echeverri, M.S., Senior Developer Analyst
Bryan Fleming, M.S., Senior Linux Systems Engineer
Lee Foltz, B.S., Systems Administrator
Daniel Fryer, B.S., Systems Programmer II
Stephen A. Glowacki, B.S., Director, Systems Engineering
Chitra Gopalaiah, B.Eng., Systems Integrator Developer
Susan Hartman, B.S., Helpdesk Coordinator
Kevin Hayes, B.S., Network Security Analyst
Scott Irey, B.S., Network and Telecom Engineer
Lula Ivezaj, M.B.A., Network Systems Engineer I
Gabriel Jackson, B.S., Helpdesk Technician
Milus Earl Jones, B.A., Senior Developer Analyst
Erika Kindlimann, B.S., Helpdesk Technician
Daniel Kirkland, M.S., Network and Telecom System Engineer
Lakshmi Maktala, M.S., Project Coordinator/Integrator
Sayaka Michelle Morgan, M.S., Senior Windows Systems Engineer
Traci Nies, B.S., Senior Developer Analyst Engineer II
Brian D. Paige, M.S., Executive Director Network and Technology
Fourier Ross, B.S., Director Secure Client Services
Dorothy (Penny) Stilwell, B.S., Senior Developer Analyst
Lori A. Tirpak, B.S., Director, Enterprise Systems
Micheline Walter, Database Security Administrator
Dennis Waters, B.S., Manager Operations
Zachary Wincek, M.P.A., Systems Analyst – New Technologies 

E-Learning and Instructional Support

Catheryn Cheal, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President
John Coughlin, B.A., Senior Systems Analyst
Eric Merrill, B.S., Learning Management Programmer
Shaun Moore, M.A., Manager of Support Services
Nic Bongers, M.F.A., Instructional Graphic Designer
Matthew Switlik, Learning Management Programmer

Eye Research Institute

Frank J. Giblin, Ph.D., Director
Paulette M. Realy, B.S., Assistant to the Director

Graduate Study and Lifelong Learning

Claire Rammel, M.A., Executive Director of Graduate Study and Lifelong Learning
Douglas Bourassa, M.A., Director of Graduate Marketing and Recruitment
Megan Bovee, Graduate Academic Compliance Analyst
Julie Delaney, B.A., Assistant Director of Graduate Study
Kelly Johnson-Hill, M.A., Graduate Marketing and Orientation Coordinator
Esther McCoy, B.A., Coordinator of Graduate Assistantships, Scholarships and Fellowships
Katherine Rowley, B.A., Director of Graduate Admissions

Grants, Contracts, & Sponsored

Bradley J. Roth, Ph.D., Interim Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Physics
Kathryn Wrench, M.B.A., Director of Grants and Contract Administration
Judette Haddad, Ph.D., CIP, Regulatory Compliance Coordinator
Phyllis Zold-Kilbourn, M.P.A., Ph.D., IRB Administrator
Bonnie Kwit, Grants and Contracts Officer
Jean Miao, B.B.A., Business Manager
Shamon Murdock, B.S., Grants and Contracts Officer
Janet R. Schofding, B.S., LATG, LVT, Animal Research Facility Manager
Joyce Schram, A.A.S., LVT, LAT, Laboratory Research Assistant
Clifford R. Snitgen, LATG, Manager of Laboratory Animal Management Services
Barbara Kooiman, A.A.S. Office Assistant III
Susan Willner, B.S., Office Assistant III

Institutional Research and Assessment

Laura A. Schartman, M.B.A., Director
Kay E. Palmer, M.A., Social Science Research Associate
Reuben Ternes, M.S., Assessment Coordinator
Taeko Yokoyama, M.A., Social Science Research Assistant

Classroom Support and Instructional
Technical Services

George T. Preisinger, M.A., Assistant Vice President
Scott E. Burke, M.B.A., Director, Video Services
Alexander Buckingham, B.S., Media Distribution Coordinator
Heather Haughey, B.S., TV Producer/Editor
Steven T. King, A.S., Manager, Classroom/Special Event Support
John K. Sweet, B.G.S., Audio Visual Systems Engineer
Matthew Mangold, Multimedia & Computer Systems Specialist

Kresge Library

Julie Voelck, M.S.L., M.A., Dean
Frank Lepkowski, M.A.L.S., M.A., Associate Dean
Nancy Bulgarelli, M.S.L.S., Founding Director, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine Library
Patricia Clark, B.S., Manager, Interlibrary Loans
Eric Condic, M.S.L.S., Manager, Library Systems
Kristine S. Condic, M.S.L., Coordinator, Reference Services
Elizabeth Kraemer, M.L.I.S., Coordinator, Information Literacy
Shawn Lombardo, M.L.I.S., M.A., Coordinator, Collection Development
Ann M. Pogany, A.M.L.S., Coordinator, Technical Services
Louann Stewart, M.A., Manager, Access Services


Steven J. Shablin, M.Ed., Registrar
Jennifer Gilroy, B.A., Senior Associate Registrar
Patricia Westergaard, M.A., Associate Registrar
Joann Denby, M.T.D., Assistant Registrar
Paul A. Battle, M.A., Assistant Registrar

Office of the Senior Associate Provost

Susan M. Awbrey, Ph.D., Senior Associate Provost
Irene D. Fox, B.A., Assistant to the Senior Associate Provost


Instructional Units

Bachelor of Integrative Studies

Scott L. Crabill, Ph.D., Director
Julie Borkin, Ph.D., Program Coordinator
Anne Jackson, M.A., Macomb University Center Program Coordinator

College of Arts and Sciences

Ronald A. Sudol, Ph.D., Dean
Kathleen H. Moore, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Robert B. Stewart, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Sandra K. Dykstra, B.M.E., Assistant Dean
Steven R. Meyer, M.S.Ed., Assistant Dean
Janice M. Baker, B.A., Administrative Assistant
Rao U. Bidthanapally, Ph.D., Instrumentation Specialist, Department of Physics
Katherine E. Boersma, Production Coordinator, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance
Donna A. Buckley, Supervisor, Costume Shop, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance
Kristen L. Clark, B.A., Donor Relations and Events Coordinator
Patrick J. Colling, Instrument Design Engineer
Kelly A. Conway, M.S., CFRE, Director of Development
Frank L. Cox, Manager, Instrument Shop Marcee L. Daly, B.S., Manager, Chemistry Laboratories
Sally K. Daniel, M.Ed., Manager, Physics Laboratories
Maria J. DeVoogd, Coordinator, Field and Student Support, Social Work Program
Shannon A. Esselink, M.A., Director of Advising Services
Manjit K. Gill, M.B.A., Manager, Business and Special Events, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance
Terry D. Herald, Technical Coordinator and Sound Technician, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance
Andrea R. Jones, B.S., Coordinator, Chemistry Laboratories and Instrumentation
Gerard Jozwiak, Ph.D., Director of Computing Resources
Jacqueline A. Leow, B.A., Assistant to the Director, Oakland University Art Gallery
Renee M. Ligeski, M.A., Academic Adviser, Communication
Ann M. Selva, M.A., Academic Adviser
Louisa C. Ngote, M.A., Curator of Visual Resources, Department of Art and Art History
Matthew W. Prentice, M.A., Academic Adviser
Bradley J. Roth, Ph.D., Director, Center for Biomedical Research
Melodi A. Schuchmann, M.A., Academic Adviser
Catherine A. Starnes, M.S., Manager, Biological Sciences Laboratories
Brent J. Wrobel, Technical Director and Sound Designer, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance
Bibianne Yu, M.M., Associate Director, Music Preparatory Division

School of Business Administration

Mohan Tanniru, Ph.D., Dean
Balaji Rajagopalan, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Karen Markel, Ph.D., Faculty Director for Business Programs and Strategic Initiatives
Donna Kellstrom, M.B.A., Business Manager and Director of Corporate Relations
Peggy Chiu, M.Ed., Computer Facilities Administrator
Katherine Coleman, B.S., Systems Administrator
Julie Dermidoff, M.Ed., Academic Adviser
Theawiana English, M.P.A., Extension Site Administrator/Adviser
Donna Free, M.A., MAcc. Faculty Coordinator
Kellie Klinck, M.A., Academic Adviser
Judy Martin, B.S., CIBRE Coordinator
Monica Milczarski, Executive MBA Operations Coordinator
Roberta Michel, M.A., Director of Development
Laurie Shano, M.A., Academic Adviser
Paul Trumbull, M.A., Coordinator, Graduate Business Programs

School of Education and Human

Louis B. Gallien, Ph.D., Dean
James F Cipielewski, Ph.D., Interim Associate Dean
Mary T Stein, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Pamela L. Day, B.S., Assistant Dean
Holly Smith, A.A.S., Assistant to the Dean
Mildred Taylor, Director, Public School Academies and Urban Partnerships
Helen Gaunt, Ph.D., Assistant Coordinator, Office of Field and School Placements
Lisa Reeves, B.A., Executive Director, Office of Professional Development
Sherrill M. Karppinen, M.A., Coordinator, Office of Field and School Placements
Michael P. Long, J.D., Director of Labor Studies Program, Ken Morris Center
Donna Maleski, M.A., Adviser, Department of Human Resource Development
Linda Robak, M.A., Director, Office of Professional Development
Jennifer Singleton, M.A., Academic Adviser, Advising Office
Kim Spampinato, Coordinator, Counseling Practicum Center
Nichole Moniger, Director of Teacher Education Advising Services
Jessica Watson, B.S., Director, Jack’s Place for Autism at OU

School of Engineering and Computer

Louay M. Chamra, Ph.D., Dean
Fatma Mili, Ph.D., Interim Associate Dean
Patrick C. Bennett, M.A., Academic Adviser/Program Coordinator
Leonard M. Brown, Manager, Engineering Laboratories
Carmen Etienne, M.A., Academic Adviser
Terrence P. Heinz, Computer Technologist
Keith Harvey, M.S., M.B.A., Business Manager
Matthew Bruer, B.S., Assistant Laboratory Manager
Peter Taylor, Project Engineer

School of Health Sciences

Kenneth Hightower, Ph.D., Dean
Richard Rozek, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Brenda Pierce, M.B.A., Assistant Dean
Michelle D. Southward, M.A., Advising Coordinator
Adrienne L. Spitzer, M.A., Academic Adviser

Honors College

Gary Shepherd, Ph.D., Interim Director

International Education

Brian A. Connery, Ph.D., Interim Director

School of Nursing

Diane M. Norris, Ph.D., R.N., Interim Dean
Darlene Schott-Baer, Ph.D., R.N., Interim Associate Dean
Sherry F. Abernathy, Ph.D., M.B.A., Assistant Dean
Pamela A. Marin, Ph.D., L.P.C., Assistant Dean
Patrina Carper, M.A., Academic Adviser
Brian Harbac, B.S., B.S.N., Simulation Specialist
Deleana Hill, M.S., Information Technology Specialist
Amy Johnson, M.A.T., Administrative Project Coordinator
Patricia T. Ketcham, M.S.N., R.N., Director of Nursing Laboratories
Cheryl McPherson, M.S.A., Business Manager/Financial Analyst
Jennifer Milnar, M.B.A., Special Projects Assistant
Sarah Mullin, M.A., L.P.C., Academic Adviser
Estella Nicholson, M.Ed., Coordinator of Academic Services
Colette O’Connor, B.S., Director of Development
April Thomas-Powell, M.A., Academic Adviser
Alison Wagner, M.S.A., Stewardship Events Coordinator
Kristina White-Aaron, M.B.A., Academic Adviser


Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Office of the Vice President

Mary Beth Snyder, Ph.D., Vice President
Nancy Schmitz, M.A., L.P.C. Assistant Vice President

Academic Skills Center

Krista H. Malley, Ph.D., Director
Elizabeth DeVerna, M.A., Assistant Director
Eric Brown, M.Ed., Assistant Director, Student Success Outreach
Aniesha Mitchell, B.A., Retention Coordinator

Advising Resource Center

Kim Schultz, M.S., M.A., Director
Shaunda Mankowski, M.A., Academic and Career Adviser
Lindsay Zeig, M.A., Academic and Career Adviser

Campus Recreation

Gregory T. Jordan, M.S., Director
Dan Bettmann, M.A., Coordinator of Intramurals and Club Sports
Becky Lewis, M.S., Assistant Director, Programs
Todd Welscott, M.S., Assistant Director for Aquatics and Facilities
Greg Boylan, M.A., Coordinator of Facility Operations
Michael J. Rossi, B.S., Coordinator of Aquatics
Maura C. Selahowski, M.A., Assistant Director for Membership/Information Services and Business Operations
Marie E. VanBuskirk, M.S., Coordinator for Membership/Information Services
Rachelle Winkler, M.S, Coordinator for Fitness and Wellness

Career Services

Wayne Thibodeau, M.A., Director
Kathy Livelsberger, M.A., Assistant Director
Brenda Paine, M.Ed., Assistant Director
Carol Anne Ketelsen, M.S., Career Consultant
Denise McConkey, M.A., L.P.C., Career Consultant
Michelle Serafino, L.M.S.W., Career Consultant
Michael Stroymayer, B.A., Employer Relations Consultant
NingNing Fu, M.S., Systems Specialist

Center for Multicultural Initiatives

Omar Brown-El, M.A., Director
Bridget Green, Assistant Director
Nicole Lucio, Retention Coordinator

Center for Student Activities and
Leadership Development

Jean Ann Miller, M.S.W., Director
Christopher Jensen, M.A.Ed., Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life
Melissa L. Pope, J.D., Coordinator of the Gender and Sexuality Center

Counseling Center

David Schwartz, Ph.D., Interim Director
James Franklin, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist
Christine Barthaloma, Staff Psychologist

Dean of Students Office

Glenn McIntosh, M.A., L.P.C., Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and Dean of Students
Karen Lloyd, B.S.W., Assistant Dean of Students
Leonardo Debiaggi, B.S., Manager Student Technology Center

Department of Pre-College Programs

Reginald McCloud, M.A., Director

Disability Support Services

Linda Sisson, M.A., L.P.C., N.C.C., Director

Financial Aid

Cindy Hermsen, M.Ed., Director of Financial Aid
Daniel Arnold, B.A., Financial Aid Adviser
Catherine Berrahou, B.S., Associate Director of Financial Aid
Nancy Fetzer, B.B.A., Financial Aid Coordinator
Maria Forbes, M.A., Financial Aid Coordinator
Carrie Gilchrist, M.Ed., Financial Aid Adviser
Jason Gurzell, B.S., Financial Aid Systems Analyst
Laurette Karnes, B.S., Financial Aid Adviser
Roger Maki-Schramm, M.M., Associate Director of Financial Aid
Joshua Stotts, B.A., Financial Aid Adviser
Christopher Tucker, B.A., Financial Aid Adviser
Sheryl Weiss, Financial Aid Adviser

Graham Health Center

Nancy Jansen, R.N., M.S.N., C.S., Adult Nurse Practitioner, Director
Julie Thams, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Kate Kranz, PA-C, Physician Assistant

International Students and Scholars

David Archbold, M.A., Director
Petra Knoche, M.A., Assistant Director

Oakland Center

Richard D. Fekel, M.A.Ed., Director
Don Ritenburgh, B.S., Manager, ID Card Operations
Jason VanBuskirk, B.S., Assistant Director of Operations

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Eleanor L. Reynolds, M.S., Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Dawn Aubry Slowik, M.Ed., Associate Director
Brittani Hobbs, M.S., Admissions Adviser
Laura Christensen Saims, M.T.D., Admissions Adviser
William Daniels, M.Ed., Admissions Adviser
Corina Downey, B. A., CRM Specialist
Emily Fox, M.A. Adviser
Emily L. Prawdzik Genoff, M.A., Communications Coordinator
Emily Stepanian-Bennett, M.A., Admissions Adviser
Christopher Goeth, M.P.A., Admissions Adviser
Meghan Kelly, B.A., Senior Recruitment Adviser
Brian Long, B.S., Information Technology Assistant
Joan A. Love, M.P.A., Assistant Director
Jennifer Janes, M.A., Senior Recruitment Adviser
Adam Panchenko, M.Ed., Admissions Adviser
Steven P. Szalay, B.A., Assistant Director for Enrollment Information and Analysis Orientation and New Student Programs
Sara Webb, M.S., Ed., Assistant Director
Christina van Solkema, M.A., Coordinator

Project Upward Bound

Geri Graham, Director
Carolyn Delia, Academic Coordinator
Angela Stalling, Project Advisor

University Housing

Jim Zentmeyer, M.A., Director of University Housing
David Tindall, M.A., LPC, NCC, Assistant Director for Residence Life
Deborah Middlebrook, M.A., Associate Director of University Housing
Rebecca Wickham, M.A., Associate Director of University Housing
Amanda Fylan, B.A., Assistant Director of Housing Enrollment and Marketing
Adam Sternburg, M.B.A., System Specialist
Claude Huddleston, M.A., Manager, Student Apartments
Frank Moss, Manager, Residence Halls Maintenance


Finance and Administration

Office of the Vice President

John W. Beaghan, C.M.A., B.A., M.B.A., Vice President for Finance and Administration
Timothy T. Battle, B.S., Division Information Technologist-I
Stephen J. Sklar, B.A., Manager, Information Technology for Finance and Administration
Steve W. Roberts, B.B.A., M.B.A., Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration
Patricia Rottenberk Wells, M.P.A., B.A., Budget Manager and Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration
Susan M. Sarkisian, C.P.A., B.A., Senior Accountant, Treasury Management

Budget and Financial Planning

Thomas P. LeMarbe, M.S.F., Director
Michele Knox, M.B.A., Associate Director
Ann M. Bayley, B.B.A., C.P.A., Financial Analyst
Brelanda Pirani, M.B.A., Financial Analyst
Emily Wu, M.B.A., Financial Analyst

Facilities Management

Terry Stollsteimer, B.S. Arch., R.A., Associate Vice President
Michael Alberts, B.S., Mech., Engineer
Grant Andrews, A.S., Bldg. Automation Control Specialist
Jon Barth, B.A., M.A., Manager, Custodial & Grounds
Khales S. Dahr, M.S., Senior Architect
Edward R. Dorich, A.A., Director Plant Maintenance
Ryan Giorio, B.S., M.B.A., P.E., Senior Engineer
John Harmala, B.S., M. Arch., Senior Project Manager
Carolyn Johnson, M.B.A., Business Manager
Siraj Khan, B.S., M.S.M.E., Director of Engineering
James Leidel, B.S., M.S., Energy Manager
Dan Maxson, B.S., Supervisor of Bldg. Automation Control
Susan Riley, B.A., Senior Project Manager
Stuart L. Rose, M.U.P., Project Manager
Steve Zmich, B.A., Director Capital Planning & Design

Capital Planning and Design

Janet R. Hepburn, B.S. Director
Stuart L. Rose, M.U.P., Project Manager
Steve Zmich, B.A., Project Manager

Controller’s Office

Cheryl R. Verbruggen, M.S.A., Assistant Vice President and Controller
Robert O. Bonam II, B.S., C.P.A., Systems Data and Internal Controls Coordinator, Student Business Services
Judith M. Dorchock, B.A., Senior Accountant
Dena Flores, B.A., Assistant Manager, Student Business Services
Michelle R. Gruca, B.B.A., Payroll Analyst
James L. Hargett, B.B.A., C.P.A., Accounting Manager
Yeanina M. Hines, B.B.A., Assistant Manager, Student Business Services
Kenyettera Junior, M.S.A., Senior Accountant
James Ollar, B.B.A., C.P.A., Senior Accountant
Michele L. St. Denis, B.A., Accounts Payable Manager
Kathleen A. Swanteck, B.A., C.P.A., Senior Accountant
Linda M. Switzer, B.S., Manager, Student Business Services
Tina M. Tyrer, B.B.A., C.P.P., Payroll Manager
Rachelle A. Yarrell, B.B.A., Assistant Manager, Student Business Services

University Human Resources

Ronald P. Watson, B.A., Assistant Vice President Human Resources
Mike LaFave, B.S., M.B.A., Compensation Benefits and HRIS Service Manager
Vicki Larabell, B.A., M.T.D, Manager, Technical Training Services
Gail A. Ryckman, B.S., Manager of Employment Services
Tracey D. Zang, B.S., Human Resources Specialist
Corey Brittingham, B.S., Benefit & Compensation Analyst
Monica Haines, B.S., Benefit & Compensation Analyst
Kay Armstrong, CLRP, Labor & Employee Relations Manager

Oakland University Golf & Learning Center
Katke-Cousins & R&S Sharf Golf Courses

William Rogers, B.A., P.G.A. Golf Professional and Managing Director
Perry M. Busse, P.G.A., Head Golf Professional
Kelly R. Carter, B.S. Accounting, Business Manager
Thomas V. Schall, CGCS, Certificate of Turfgrass Management, Head Golf Course Superintendent

Oakland University Police

Samuel C. Lucido, B.S., M.S., Chief of Police
Mark Gordon, B.S., M.B.A., Captain
Melvin E. Gilroy, B.A., Lieutenant


Maria Ebner-Smith, M.B.A., Manager, Purchasing

Environmental Health and Safety

Cora A. Hanson, M.S., Environmental Health and Life Safety Manager
Robert D. Tyrell, Fire Systems Inspection Coordinator Laboratory Safety and Compliance
Domenico A. Luongo, M.S., Laboratory Compliance Manager

Risk Management

Mary E. Konicki, M.A., University Risk Manager

Treasury Management

Steve W. Roberts, M.B.A., Assistant Vice President - Finance

University Services and Property

William Neuser, M.B.A., Director of University Services and Property Management
Kathryn A. Walters, B.A., Manager, Printing and Mail Services


Legal Affairs,
General Counsel and
Board of Trustees

Office of the Vice President

Victor A. Zambardi, J.D., Vice President for Legal Affairs, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Boyd C. Farnam, J.D., Assistant General Counsel
Jayson J. Hall, J.D., Assistant General Counsel and Freedom of Information Act Coordinator
Keith A. Hahn, J.D., Assistant General Counsel
Rhonda G. Saunders, Assistant to the Vice President for Legal Affairs, General Counsel/Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Inclusion and Intercultural

Joi M. Cunningham, J.D., Director of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives


University Relations

Office of the Vice President

Susan Davies, CFRE, B.S., Vice President for University Relations and Executive Director, Oakland University Foundation
Bernice R. Lopata, M.A., Assistant Vice President and Campaign Director
Roberta Badgley, B.S., C.P.A., Budget Manager
Evelyn Yaeger, B.A., Ass’t. to the VPUR and to the Exec. Dir. OUF

Alumni Engagement

Starr Cornell, A.B., Director, Alumni Engagement
Karen Coronado, B.S., Communications and Marketing Manager
Luke Fleer, B.S., Associate Director, Outreach
Gail Meyers, B.G.S., Outreach Coordinator
Erin Sudrovech, B.A., M.A., Associate Director, Campus


Theresa Allen, Manager, Gift Accounting
Ruth Ann Clark, M.S., Research Manager
Kelly A. Conway, CFRE, M.S., Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences
Starr Cornell, B.A., Director, Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving
Anne Dieters-Williams, B.A., M.P.A., Research Analyst
Lyndy Drewry, B.A., B.S., Prospect Tracking Manager
Susan Scrafano, B.A., Director, UR Special Events
Alysa Hunton, MALS, Development Officer
Joseph Impellizzeri, B.A., M.A., Director of Development, Athletics
Kim Kempen, M.B.A., Information Technologist
Ellen Kelly Kirkpatrick, M.A., Director of Development, School of Engineering and Computer Science
Robin Michel, B.S., M.A., CFRM, Director of Development, School of Business Administration
Laura Mutz, B.A., M.A., Director, UR Communications
Colette L. O’Connor, B.S., Director of Development, School of Nursing
Linda Oliver, B.S., Information Services Manager
Mary Alore, M.B.A., Director, Advancement Services
Angela Schmucker, B.S., B.A., Director, Planned Giving
Rainy Stephenson, B.S., Stewardship Manager
Tracy S. Utech, M.P.A., Interim Assistant Dean & Director of Philanthropy, School of Medicine


Oakland University

Through its activities, the Oakland University Foundation, a separate legal corporation, provides influence, advice and financial support to the university.


John Beaghan
Vice President, Finance and Administration
Oakland University

Gary Laidlaw*
Retired First Vice President
Comerica Bank

John Mills*
Williams, Williams, Rattner & Plunkett, P.C.

*Alumni of Oakland University

ex officio
Susan Davies, Executive Director, Oakland University Foundation and Vice President,
University Relations, Oakland University
Gary D. Russi, President, Oakland University


Oakland University Senate

The Senate is an all-university governance body whose membership includes administrative officers, students and faculty members elected for two-year terms to represent their academic units. The Vice President for Academic Affairs, its presiding officer, works with the Steering Committee to carry out the administrative functions of the Senate. It serves as a legislative forum that meets monthly during the academic year. The Senate recommends new degree programs to the president and the board and must approve the constitutions of colleges and schools. It determines academic policies and provides opportunity for public deliberation on issues of importance to the university.

The Senate carries out much of its work through its committees, all staffed mainly by faculty members but generally including student and administrative representatives as well. Currently, there are 17 such committees whose responsibilities reflect the range of the Senate’s concerns.

Academic Computing Committee
Academic Conduct Committee
Academic Standing and Honors Committee
Assessment Committee
Athletics Committee
Budget Review Committee
Campus Development and Environment Committee
General Education Committee
Graduate Council
Honorary Degrees Committee
Library Committee
Planning Review Committee
Research Committee
Senate Elections Committee
Student Academic Support Committee
Teaching and Learning Committee
University Committee on Undergraduate Instruction