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2021-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Admission terms and application deadlines




This is a general guide for submission of application material. Some programs have earlier closing dates for admission. Applicants should check the specific admission terms, application deadlines, and requirements for the program they wish to enter at www.oakland.edu/grad. If no dates are given, the following schedule will apply.


 Term for which admission
is requested
Regular Applicants International Applicants
       Fall Semester July 15 May 1
       Winter Semester November 15 September 1
       Summer Semester March 1                             January 1


Regular applicants

The graduate admission policy of Oakland University is selective, and the process is competitive. Applicants for graduate admission must present evidence that they have had the necessary academic preparation to enable them to pursue the graduate program for which they are applying.

Special Graduate applicants

Prospective students whose applications for program admission are incomplete on the designated date may be considered for special graduate admission if the program area permits admission in such status. Applications postmarked after the date designated for receipt of special graduate admission requests may be processed in time for late registration if the applicants so desire.

Applicants for special graduate status must submit an application for admission and a transcript that posts evidence of a bachelor’s/master’s degree. Admitted applicants to graduate programs who do not enroll for the term in which they were admitted must contact Graduate Admissions, 520 O’Dowd Hall, (248) 370-2700. If done within five terms of the date of original admission term, the student’s application will be updated to a new term of admission. Thereafter, a new application and documentation are required. Inactive application files are destroyed after five terms.

International applicants

International applications are reviewed for fall, winter, and summer admission. To ensure adequate time for review, international applications must be completed at least six months before the desired date of intended enrollment in the university. All international application materials must be submitted by May 1 for fall admission, by September 1 for winter admission, and by January 1 for the summer semester. International applicants are not eligible for Special Graduate classification.

Non-US citizens applying for admissions to a distance learning program that does NOT require any on-campus instruction at Oakland University (100% online) are not subject to international application deadlines. Applicants should follow the published application deadlines for the distance learning program of interest.

Application for Degree deadlines*

Students must submit an online Application for Degree for the term in which they will complete degree requirements. A graduation audit is conducted during that semester to verify that the student has met all academic requirements for the degree. If students are completing a thesis or dissertation, they must follow the deadlines for format review, defense and submission for binding as published in the Schedule of Classes.


Winter Semester       Last Friday in January        
             Summer I Semester Last Friday in January        
             Summer II Semester Last Friday in May            
              Fall Semester Last Friday in September 

* Subject to change. Confirm with Academic Records or consult the Schedule of Classes.