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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, Marketing Major, B.S.

Requirements for the major in marketing

Major adviser: John Kim

The major in marketing develops the specific skills, modes of analysis and background to work in the marketing area of a profit-making business or not-for-profit enterprise. It is designed primarily for students who intend to pursue careers in fields such as marketing, sales, research, product development and management, advertising, communication, retail buying and distribution management.

Emphasis is placed on developing a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and techniques needed to plan and execute the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services by creating exchanges which satisfy individual and organizational goals. The program includes broad coverage of such topics as marketing management, marketing research, selling and sales management, advertising and communications, sales promotion, business-to-business marketing, not-for-profit marketing, business logistics, retailing, international marketing and Internet marketing.

To fulfill the requirements for the major in marketing, students must be admitted to major standing in marketing, complete the core program and complete a minimum of 24 credits, as specified below, with a grade of 2.0 or better in each major course. A grade of 2.0 or better must be achieved in each prerequisite for a marketing course before a marketing major, or any Oakland University student, may begin work in that marketing course. Students who have taken MKT 453 or MKT 460 under a previous catalog will be able to count this course toward an elective requirement.