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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Education and Human Services

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415 Carlotta and Dennis Pawley Hall (248) 370-3050
Fax: (248) 370-4202

School Website: oakland.edu/sehs/


Dean: C. Robert Maxfield, Interim Dean

Associate Dean: Nancy M. Brown

Office of the Dean: Leigh Settlemoir Dzwik, assistant dean; Richard DeMent, information technology analyst; Holly Smith, business manager/budget analyst;  Shelly Garretson, development project manager; David Tindall, director of development; James Silvestri, marketing assistant

Adult Career Counseling Center: Department of Counseling, Lisa Hawley, chair; Stephanie Crockett, faculty director

Educational Resources Laboratory: Barbara B. Campbell, coordinator

Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor and Work: Department of Human Resource Development, David Strubler, chair; Michael P. Long, faculty director

Lowry Center for Early Childhood Education: Department of Human Development and Child Studies, Ambika Bhargava, chair; Julie Ricks-Doneen, faculty director

Center for Autism Department of Human Development and Child Studies, Ambika Bhargava, chair

Pawley Lean Institute: Department of Human Resource Development, David Strubler, chair; Dennis Wade, faculty director

Professional Development and Educational Outreach: Daniel Arnold, program site coordinator; Jasmine Bailey, project manager; Donna Rich, administrative project coordinator; Andrea Lewis, assistant program coordinator; Susan Martino, director of program development; Sherry Quinn, director of business development and market research; Lisa A. Reeves, executive director

Office of Public School Academies: Judeen Bartos, executive director; Karen Lloyd, associate director; Marvella Ramsey, assistant director of accountability for compliance and fiscal performance; June Wuopio, manager of academic accountability; Shawna Boomgaard, administrative coordinator of  special services; Majela Morris, office assistant II.

Reading Recovery Center of Michigan: Department of Reading and Language Arts, James F. Cipielewski, chair; Mary Lose, director

School of Education and Human Services Advising: Jennifer Bellini, adviser; Anna Mrdeza, adviser; Roberta Rea, director; Kai-Lynn Rim, adviser; Laurie  Shano, adviser; Lorin  Wright, adviser

School of Education and Human Services Counseling Center: Department of Counseling, Lisa Hawley, chair; Ashley D. Dunham, coordinator

School of Education and Human Services Reading Clinic: Department of Reading and Language Arts, Linda M. Pavonetti, chair; Ronald M. Cramer and Tanya M. Christ, co-directors

School and Field Services: Sharon S. Hiller, director; Brad Parks, coordinator; David Secord, coordinator


Programs Offered

The School of Education and Human Services offers programs designed to prepare students for careers in teaching, counseling, and human resource development. The programs include a Bachelor of Science in elementary education, a five-year secondary education program leading to teaching certification for selected majors, and a Bachelor of Science in human resource development. Minors in human resource development, training and development, applied leadership skills and in labor and employment studies are also available. Students considering a major in elementary education should consult the Admissions section of this catalog for specific preparation requirements.

The School of Education and Human Services also offers programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy in reading, Doctor of Philosophy in education with a major in counseling, early childhood education or educational leadership, the Education Specialist in school administration, Education Specialist in early education and intervention, the Master of Arts in counseling, the Master of Arts in Teaching in reading and language arts, the Master of Arts in Teaching in elementary or secondary education,the Master of Education in five areas: early childhood, educational studies, educational leadership, teacher leadership, and special education, and the Master of Training and Development. For information on these programs, see the Oakland University Graduate Catalog.


Additional Services

Adult Career Counseling Center

Located within the SEHS Counseling Center is the Adult Career Counseling Center (ACCC), which provides services for adults from the community who seek guidance in examining career possibilities. The ACCC provides computer-assisted career guidance, individual career counseling and referral services at no charge. The ACCC is located in Room 250A Pawley Hall. Graduate students in the counseling program have an opportunity to work in the ACCC as graduate assistants or practicum counselors. The ACCC can be reached at (248) 370-3092 and oakland.edu/sehs/accc/.

Center for Autism

The Center for Autism includes outreach services (OUCARES), academic programs and research in the field of Autism. Call 248-370-3077 for more information.

Educational Resources Laboratory

The Educational Resources Laboratory, 350 Pawley Hall, (248) 370-2485, provides support for the academic, research and development activities of the School of Education and Human Services. It houses circulating collections of children’s and young adult literature as well as curriculum and professional materials. Patrons are provided with a functional setting for the examination, study, research, development, production and evaluation of instructional materials and technologies. Workshops, bibliographic instruction, and reference consultation services for youth literature, K-12 curriculum, instructional technology, and research strategies are available.

Galileo Institute for Teacher Leadership

The Galileo Institute for Teacher Leadership is dedicated to improving the learning of all students, elevating the education profession, enhancing the leadership skills of teachers, and fulfilling the vital role of public education in achieving a civil, prosperous and democratic society. The commitment to the concept of developing teacher leaders, to defining what teacher leadership is and why it is so important is at the heart of the institute.

Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor and Work

The Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor and Work, 495C Pawley Hall, (248) 370-3124, provides teaching, research, consultation and public service activities for labor organizations and their members. It coordinates the Minor in Employment Systems and Standards and oversees other credit and non-credit courses, primarily for adult working students who are active in unions. Courses, conferences, residential-institutes and special lectures and training, are offered at on- and off-campus locations, on topics related to work, the needs of working people and labor organizations, and other areas of special concern to union members, leaders and staff.

Lowry Center for Early Childhood Education

The Lowry Center for Early Childhood Education, (248) 370-4100, offers early childhood education programming for children from eighteen months to five years of age. The center is a research and training facility for students and faculty interested in child growth and development and early childhood curriculum.

Public School Academies

Authorizing excellent schools is the focus of the Oakland University Office of Public School Academies. Their strategic priority is to ensure that each Academy provides a quality education to its students, utilizes sound governing policies, and fulfills its fiscal and legal responsibilities. Oakland University Board of Trustees approved the Public School Academy Chartering Policy in 1995 for schools to be located in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties with the hope of making a difference in the education of children in its external environs. With nine schools in close proximity to the university, opportunities exist for OU to have an involved and active relationship with the schools, as well as to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership among the academies.

Pawley Lean Institute

Designed to benefit Oakland University students, schools, nonprofits, government and industry, the Pawley Lean Institute (PLI) shares concepts and practices of Lean thinking to create leaders and learners in the university, public and private sectors, and the community.

Professional Development and Education Outreach

The Office of Professional Development and Educational Outreach, 410D Pawley Hall, (248) 370-3040 or (248) 209-2460, or oakland.edu/pd, collaborates with academic departments in coordinating and maketing off-campus courses, certificates, distance/on-line learning, and other programs for teachers, school administrators, counselors, career changers, human resource personnel, workforce development specialists and training and development professionals. As an outreach unit of the School of Education and Human Services, the office builds partnerships with organizations desiring university credit or continuing education units for staff development programs. SEHS Professional Development also has offices at Oakland Schools in Waterford and the Macomb Intermediate School District in Clinton Township.

Professional development staff also provides consulting services, staff training and training materials in career development and leadership for career development personnel working in agencies, business and industry, government and education.

Reading Recovery Center of Michigan

The Reading Recovery Center of Michigan, 228 Pawley Hall, (248) 370-3057, coordinates a cooperative program with more than 100 school districts across Michigan to provide short term early literacy intervention services for first grade children having extreme difficulty learning to read and write. Most children served by Reading Recovery® make accelerated progress and meet grade level expectations in reading and writing after 12 to 20 weeks of daily, individual 30 minute lessons. The Oakland University center supervises the initial training and ongoing professional development of Reading Recovery teachers and works with Michigan school districts to plan for and implement this early intervention program.

School of Education and Human Services Advising Office

The School of Education and Human Services (SEHS) Advising Office, 363 Pawley Hall, (248) 370-4182 is responsible for providing academic advising and career counseling for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students in the Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education, secondary teacher education program (STEP), Human Resource Development, and Master of Arts in Teaching with elementary or secondary certification.

School of Education and Human Services Counseling Center

The School of Education and Human Services (SEHS) Counseling Center offers no-cost counseling to Oakland University students and the general public.

The SEHS Counseling Center works with individual adults, adolescents, and children, as well as couples, families and groups. Counseling is provided for a wide variety of daily living issues, such as anxiety, stress, grief and loss, time management, life transitions, relationship issues and behavioral issues, to name a few. The SEHS Counseling Center is equipped with career assessments to aid those in their career exploration, educational goals and job search.

All sessions are conducted by a closely supervised masters or doctoral level counselor near the end of his or her training. Sessions are professional, ethical and confidential. Clients are assigned to counselors for a semester-long time period. The center is open Monday through Saturday year-round, with the exception of university breaks. There are three ways to register for an appointment: by phone, call (248) 370-2633; in person, go to 250 Pawley Hall (second level) or register online at oakland.edu/sehs/cc.

School of Education and Human Services Reading Clinic

The School of Education and Human Services (SEHS) Reading Clinic, 204 Pawley Hall, (248) 370-3054, offers tutorial and small-group instruction for children in grades one through twelve to help overcome reading difficulties. Clinics are offered several times each year and are staffed by experienced teachers completing the practicum phase of their master’s degrees in reading and language arts. Oakland University faculty supervise each clinic. Instruction typically focuses on comprehension, word recognition (including phonics), writing, literature, study skills, and oral language.

School and Field Services

The Office of School and Field Services, 385 Pawley Hall, (248) 370-3060, and oakland.edu/sehs/sfs, is responsible for the placement of pre-service field students and interns in elementary, secondary, art and music education.

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