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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

French Studies Concentration

Coordinator: Stacey Hahn (French)

The concentration in French studies provides an interdisciplinary understanding of French culture for students not majoring in French. Courses in French language, literature, civilization, art history and history are required.

In addition to providing students with a well-rounded background in the area of French studies, this concentration is also useful to students planning graduate work in French history or art history.

The concentration offers selected courses from this catalog as warranted by student needs and availability of faculty. Specific offerings for each term may be found in the Schedule of Classes.

The concentration requires completion of a minimum of 28 credits, including 8 credits in French language and 20 credits in courses conducted in English as follows:

1. Eight credits of French language taken at Oakland University

Students must achieve minimally at the 215 level. Students who place into FRH 215 will take FRH 215  and FRH 314 ; if they place higher than FRH 215, they will take FRH 314 plus 4 credits in a higher level course.

3. Eight credits from the following history courses

4. Four credits in art and art history selected from

5. Corequisite course selected from the following

Additional information

This concentration does not constitute a major. Students must elect a major from those offered by the university. Interested students should develop a program in consultation with the coordinator.