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2017-2018 Professional and Continuing Education Catalog 
2017-2018 Professional and Continuing Education Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Strategic Innovation Certificate Course

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Greg Yezersky
(248) 381-1491

Visit our website for the most up-to-date information about this program: Strategic Innovation Website

Workshop Description

While 93% of CEOs rely on innovation to achieve companies’ growth targets (a study by Accenture), less than 1% of innovations create growth (a study by Frost & Sullivan). The Oakland University’s Strategic Innovation program is designed to address this challenge. Every client-organization can expect cutting its risk of failing to achieve its growth objectives by at least 50% comparing to the uninformed rivals using today’s business best practices, which is the ultimate value proposition of this program. 

These results are achieved through the use of the General Theory of Innovation (GTI) as the program foundation. As a scientific theory of innovation with powerful prescriptive and predictive capabilities, GTI uses a well-defined process that allows for identification of the customers’ unspoken, unaware, and future needs and wants, which in turn leads to pinpointing unique growth opportunities. GTI real-life innovation project success rate exceeds 98%! Join us, master GTI Strategic Innovation methodology, learn its proven robust science-based processes and tools, and you will gain competitive advantage over uninformed competitors.

To achieve its primary objective, the program consists of three capability-developing courses:

1.       Executive Workshop “WHAT CUSTOMERS WILL WANT: The ‘How-To’ of Knowing the Future of Customers’ Wants and Creating ‘Competition-Busting’ Products”

2.       Strategic Innovation Green Belt (SIGB) course/workshop

3.       Strategic Innovation Black Belt (SIBB) course/workshop

Registration Requirements

Click on the following link to register: Strategic Innovation Registration. Then click “Browse by Subject,” and then “CE Engineering” to view course offerings. 

Course Descriptions


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