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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Business Administration, Business Economics, B.S.

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An Economics degree provides students with a wide range of transferable skills to study choices and decisions made by individuals, businesses, and nations. It is a flexible choice for students seeking a rigorous, well-respected, and versatile major without specializing in a narrowly defined area too early. Popular career choices for economics students include: banking, finance, insurance, management, consulting, and government. An education in Economics also provides an excellent preparation for graduate studies in law, medicine, business, public administration, environmental studies, and economics.

The BS in Business Economics exposes students to multiple business areas and is an excellent choice for students looking to acquire analytical skills vital for business environments or considering an MBA program after graduation.

Specific offerings for each semester may be found in the Schedule of Classes.

Requirements for the major in Business Administration, Business Economics, B.S.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics must complete a minimum of 124 credits including the following requirements:

General Education requirements

Meet the university General Education Requirements : In order to graduate on-schedule without taking additional courses, it is highly recommended that students meet with an Undergraduate Academic Adviser concerning the selection of all of their general education courses.

Each candidate for an Oakland University baccalaureate will need to satisfactorily complete approved courses in each of the following areas: Foundation, Exploration, Integration, Writing, U.S. Diversity, and Capstone. For details, refer to the General Education section of the catalog.

Additional requirements

Students must complete the core program and the requirements of one of the business majors in the SBA with a minimum grade of C in each of the pre-core, core and major courses. Once admitted to the business program as a pre-business or undecided business student or major, a student must complete all of the remaining business core, major and business minor coursework for the degree at Oakland University;

Students must complete at least 31 credits of courses offered by the School of Business Administration, excluding ECN 1500 , ECN 2000  or ECN 2020 , ECN 2010 , ECN 2100 and QMM 2400  and QMM 2410  . Of these 31 credits, at least 12 credits must be in the student’s major.

Students earning an additional major are permitted to do so in all areas except general management. No more than four credits of independent study (4996) courses may be used to meet the major elective requirement. Courses numbered 3800 and 4900 may be repeated for up to eight credits provided the topics are different. All major courses require a 2.6 GPA or better or major standing to take these courses (excludes Economics and non-SBA major courses).