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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Calendars and Deadlines




Academic Calendar 2012-2013


Fall 2012

New Student Convocation

Tuesday September 4

Classes begin

5:00 p.m., Tuesday September 4

Thanksgiving Recess begins

10:00 p.m., Wednesday November 21

Classes resume

7:30 a.m., Monday November 26

Classes end

10:00 p.m., Saturday December 8

Study Day

Sunday December 9

Final Exams begin

7:30 a.m., Monday December 10

Final Exams end

10:00 p.m., Saturday December 15

Fall Commencement

Saturday December 15

Winter 2013

Classes begin

7:30 a.m., Thursday January 3

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Monday (Classes suspended) January 21

Winter Recess begins

10:00 p.m., Saturday February 16

Classes resume

7:30 a.m., Monday February 25

Classes end

10:00 p.m., Wednesday April 17

Study Day

Thursday April 18

Final Exams begin

7:30 a.m., Friday April 19

Final Exams end

10:00 p.m., Thursday April 25

Spring Commencement

Saturday April 27

Summer 2013

Classes begin

7:30 a.m., Monday May 6

Memorial Day holiday

Monday (Classes suspended) May 27

Classes resume

Tuesday May 28

Summer recess begins
(full 16- week session only)

10:00 p.m., Saturday June 22

Classes resume

7:30 a.m., Monday July 1

Independence Day Holiday

Thursday - Saturday (Classes suspended) July 4 - July 6

Classes resume

7:30 a.m., Monday July 8

Classes end

10:00 p.m., Saturday August 17

Final exams begin

7:30 a.m., Monday August 19

Final exams end

10:00 p.m., Saturday August 24


Admission terms and application deadlines   



This is a general guide for submission of application material. Some programs have earlier closing dates for admission. Applicants should check the specific admission terms, application deadlines, and requirements for the program they wish to enter at If no dates are given, the following schedule will apply.


 Term for which admission
is requested
Regular Applicants International Applicants
       Fall Semester July 15 May 1
       Winter Semester November 15 September 1
       Summer March 15  


Regular applicants

Before an applicant’s file can be reviewed for full program admission, all application documents must be received in Graduate Admissions by the semester deadlines listed above.

Special Graduate classification

Special Graduate classification:  Applicants who are seeking a graduate degree or graduate certificate, but are unable to meet the deadline for filing all required application materials or credentials for graduate admission, may contact the department and request Special Graduate temporary admission.  The applicant must have submitted an Application for Admission to Graduate Study, plus a copy of a transcript providing evidence of a bachelor’s degree awarded and any specific evidence concerning their qualifications for graduate study as required by the department.  Up to 12 credits may be earned in the Special Graduate classification. Admission as a special graduate student in no way assures subsequent admission to a degree or graduate certificate program.

International applicants

International applications are reviewed for fall and winter admission only. To ensure adequate time for review, international applications must be completed at least six months before the desired date of intended enrollment to the University. All international application materials must be submitted by May 1 for fall admission and by September 1 for winter admission. International applicants are not eligible for Special Graduate classification.


Application for Graduation *

Students must submit an online Application for Graduation for the term in which they will complete degree requirements. A graduation audit  is conducted during that semester to verify that the student has met all academic requirements for the degree. If students are completing a thesis or dissertation, they must follow the deadlines for format review, defense and submission for binding as published in the Schedule of Classes.


Winter Semester       Last Friday in January        
Summer I Last Friday in January        
Summer II Last Friday in June             
Fall Semester Last Friday in September 


* Subject to change. Confirm with Academic Records or consult the Schedule of Classes.