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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Leadership Skills Minor

Requirements – Minor in applied leadership skills

The School of Education and Human Services (Department of Human Resource Development) offers the following interdisciplinary minor, which is available to all students at the university. The minor in Applied Leadership Skills is a program of study that provides an academic background emphasizing education in leadership, group dynamics and interpersonal processes, ethics, multicultural leadership, and leadership in organizations from a cross disciplinary approach. The aim of this program of study is twofold. First allow students to develop an academic understanding of leadership. Then, secondly, assist students in developing leadership capabilities. This program of study may be useful to any student interested in developing skills that will expand the student’s leadership capabilities for application within their communities, businesses or other organizations.

No more than 8 credits of course work used to satisfy another major, minor or concentration may be applied toward this minor. Students must meet with the coordinator of the minor to design a plan and complete a Minor Authorization Form identifying appropriately selected courses. The minor requires a minimum of 23 credits distributed among the areas described below. The student must earn a final course grade of 2.8 or higher in a course in order for the class to be counted for the minor.

c. Ethics in Leadership – Must complete one of the following courses

Additional Information

Students may want to consider planning their course work in a means that allows them to meet any of the prerequisites for the above courses. In particular, students are urged to take the following General Education courses: PHL 103 , PS 114  or PS 100 , and any foreign language. Study abroad opportunity through International Education may serve as a substitution for one or more of the course requirements, as determined by the coordinator of the minor. (See Dr. Margaret Pigott, Director of International Education, for opportunities.)